Posted by: thescoundrel | May 28, 2010

Lost Integrity

New reports are saying that the Team Obama White House had asked Bill Clinton to act as a negotiator seeking to find out what it would take to keep Joe Sestak from running against Arlene Specter  in the Pennsylvania Democrat primary.  Considering that the controversial incident is now facing possible legal implications – the choice of Clinton, as go between, turns traversing muddy political waters  into slogging through a mosquito infested swamp. Bill Clinton lacks integrity – he lost it hiding his marital indiscretions.  How can the public, investigators or any legal institution be expected to believe any utterance from the mouth of Bill Clinton -about the Sestak incident- when he already has a track record of lying in court while under oath to tell the truth? They cannot – no one can.



  1. So Bubba’s taking one for the team, eh? I wonder how much that cost Obama? 🙂

  2. It does make you wonder what the cost will be for the Obama administration. This could be Clinton’s way of gaining back the ground he lost during the 2008 election when Obama was pressed ahead of Hillary.

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