Posted by: thescoundrel | May 31, 2010

Stupid is as Stupid Does

If you attempt to grab a charging bull by its horns  – you should not be surprised if you get gored and gutted!  Too often individuals and/or groups forget that fact. Stupid is as Stupid does! For reasons of their own a group of “possible do-gooder” activists attempted to run an Israeli Naval blockade. They paid a heavy price for their stupidity. At least nine of the activists are now dead and many others wounded.

I said “possible do-gooder” activists for a reason. After refusing to heed  Israeli Naval warnings to turn around, the “supposed” do-gooder  activists seemed well-prepared to engage in combat tactics.  It has been reported that as the soldiers, armed with paintball guns and holstered pistols, attempted to board the ships by helicopter – the “activists”- attempted to crash the helicopter by tying the ropes, used by soldiers to exit the helicopter, to the boat. Stupid is as Stupid does! From that moment on the boat-people  ceased being possible humanitarians and became actual violent combatants. Video has displayed pure mob mentality as the boat-people -using weaponry such as metal pipes, clubs, knives and pistols- violently attacked the soldiers as they boarded the ships. As I said before if you grab a charging bull by the horn – don’t claim surprise when you get gored! The boat-people rightfully got gored and gutted.

Now I am not saying that the boat-people had no right to attempt to run the naval blockade. I am not saying that they had no right to repel the soldiers boarding the boat. They did. But they have also lost any claims at being anything other than a violent enemy combatant towards the soldiers boarding their boat. I also believe that many, if not all, of the boat-people activists as well as the organizers were hoping to incite a violent confrontation with the  Israeli Navy. That is an easy assumption since first blood was taken by the activists. This can be coupled with the following statement attributed by AP to an organizer of the flotilla –>

A spokeswoman for the Free Gaza movement, which organized the flotilla, said the group’s goal — beyond just bringing supplies to the impoverished territory — was to shatter the blockade.

“What we’re trying to do is open a sea lane between Gaza and the rest of the world,” Greta Berlin said in Cyprus. “We’re not trying to be a humanitarian mission. We’re trying to say to the world, ‘You have no right to imprison a million and a half Palestinians.'”

When you couple that statement with the actions by the boat-people mob it likely adds up to a planned attempt by the flotilla organizers, at creating open combat with the Israeli Navy. I also think that the organizers probably understood that there would be heavy casualties as a result of their actions. You cannot violently attack a military unit and expect otherwise. Stupid is as Stupid does! Attack someone bigger and badder than  you – then go crying and whimpering looking for support. It is an old ploy often used to gain sympathy. It might even work for the mob on the boat. In my opinion the boat people were acting as a mob and they have no real complaint about how they were treated. In what should have been no surprise –> the boat-people antagonists got exactly what they were looking for – a violent encounter with a superior military force, that cost many people their lives and endangered many others on both sides of the event.

Stupid is as Stupid does!


I came across some more links concerning the story.

Chris Mitchell offers his “The Ambush at Sea” look at the incident.

Jim Hoft is asserting that Bill Ayers and other Obama cronies are associates of the activist group whose members  attacked the Israeli soldiers.

One site is stating that military officials inside Israel are worried that Turkey might seek to escalate the incident by sending along Turkish warships as escorts for another flotilla attempt.



  1. Thank you for this fine report.

    Here’s further proof that these “humanitarians” effected initial assault on the soldiers.

    When did INITIAL ASSAULT become “Humanitarian?”

  2. A very good post on the topic I’m adding you to my blog surfer list 🙂

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