Posted by: thescoundrel | June 8, 2010

Doom & Gloom amidst a June Swoon

The world seems to be in its standard operating mode of self-destruction –>

*The UN is its usual befuddled self patting itself on the back over its perpetual  incontinence.
*The middle-east and North Korea seems hell-bent intent on keeping the world on the fast track towards WW3.
*World-Wide radical factions of Islam seem to think they can suicide-bomb the rest of the  world into religious conversion.
*Mexico and much of South America is busy protecting their governments from hostile takeovers by drug cartels.
*Hugo Chavez is still busy trying to spread his silencer-equipped government of undemocracy.
*Russia seems to be snorting Viagra as it continues to unzip its pants hoping to flash the world with renewed manhood.
*The US and Europe seem focused on bankrupting the nations of democracy.
*China is laughing all the way to the bank as it creates an economic juggernaut on the back of slave labor and world wide insatiability for the inexpensive goods slave labor offers.
*The rest of world is probably watching Dr. Strangelove and busy building bomb shelters as they are caught somewhere between a rock and a hard place awaiting for a final click of the Doomsday clock.

Meanwhile here in the US –>

*US Democrat and Republican politicians are all working hard to make personal and political gains off the BP oil spill instead of working hard to help solve the problem for now and future events.
*Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is back in the spotlight as he takes his Big-Top Circus to the courts.
*The Obama Faux-Hope and Change- Government Team continues to prove – once a Chicago politician always a Chicago politician.
*Our very own 17th district of Illinois Representative, Stupid is as Stupid does-Phil Hare tries to prove his equal to Chicago Politicians as he sought to go all 1984-ballistic on a voter that had the audacity to question Philoblusters pomposity.
*Unions at the National and local levels pretend the self-destruction of the Greek economy is a fairy tale, instead of a lesson to be learned,  as they seek to extract more blood from a bloodless embalmed corpse of a US economy.
*And even worse than all of the above, the Cubs are not even playing .500 baseball this season and seem intent on returning to days of the old Cubby Blue June Swoon!  😥

I am sure there is more doom and gloom I could link to and  talk about, but the gnats and mosquitoes are biting and I am in a cantankerous mood and wondering on the best place to build a bomb shelter. Or maybe I should just pig out on a chocolate-peanut butter milkshake, some sausage/bell pepper/onion  pizza and follow it up with some fried okra, a bowl of beans, cornbread and pickled peppers and tune in Comcast/WGN to see if the Cubs come out of their funk. Sigh – I am sure all the worlds evils would be cured if only the Cubs could win the MLB World Series.



  1. We’re in trouble . . .

    70% of our economy depends on us spending money. If we believed what we hear lately, we would stop making purchases and the inevitable collapse would come sooner rather than later. No American President, as far back as George Washington, would dare utter the above information as in Scoundrel’s blog because you would believe a President. You won’t believe us, and your head will remain blissfully imbedded in the sand.

    The smartest move we could make is to bring all our people home. Bring home our servicemen and women. Bring home all our international support personnel. Alert all our expats, our tourist, our missionaries and bring them home to be with their families. We need them home to protect our international borders, our cities, our neighborhoods. We need to prepare to take care of each other.

  2. Here’s a tip from QC Heloise: Absorbine Jr. works like a charm and will repel those nasty gnats, like the truth is repelled by Phil Hare. 🙂

  3. Ghost I do not know about bringing all our soldiers home – I tend to think it would do more harm than good. I do think we need to lessen our troops engagement level, as they gradually become more military advisors than combatants. We do need to shore up our borders and inspections. Maybe we could bury our radioactive waste along the Mexican border as a wall to keep out illegal invaders.

    QCEx maybe I could make lifesize scarecrow in the image of Philobluster for my yard to keep away vermin and pests or would it simply attract more vile forms of vermin and pests.

    And in the end is any of it anymore satisfying than knowing as a blog operator that you can always count on some spammer trying to post links on posts like this – to porn involving bed wetting sexual fetishes.

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