Posted by: thescoundrel | June 9, 2010

Blood on the Hands of Obama and the Congress

Democrat and Republican politicians in Washington DC prefer to shuffle their feet and spin their messages when it comes to fixing the illegal immigration problems, especially at the US/Mexico border. Under Team Obama, the federal government has pretty much assumed a don’t ask/don’t tell policy when it comes to illegal immigrants. The end result is nothing manages to get solved as our borders are overran.  Just like with the BP oil spill and every other tough issue – our President and Congress play political hot potato with the illegal immigration invasion – rather than try and find a workable solution. That leaves the individual States along that border,  left to come up with their own sets of answers. Arizona has attempted to answer that problem by passing legislation to enforce the immigration laws that the federal government does not enforce. Team Obama has done nothing but criticize and attempt to keep Arizona from defending their state border from the the illegal aliens pouring over their borders. The Congress has channeled the UN by looking like the  old Republic displayed in the Star War’s movies – always busy arguing but never really solving anything.  Obama, the US Congress and every Washington DC politico sit on their hands rather than address the illegal immigration problem, they increase the risk of potential violence and death. On Tuesday a fifteen-year old was killed after a border guard fired at a crowd of illegal immigrants attempting to attack the guard with stones. Had the US government been serious at closing our borders this death might never have happened. Now a family will be devastated over the loss of a kid and a border guard will have to live with the memory that  they were forced by  lazy government officials to defend themselves. That resulted in the death of a young man. This death was not really the fault of some unknown kid caught up in a senseless group  act of violence – looking to better himself. It was not the fault of a guard trying to protect himself.  This blood can be added to the totals of our do-nothing Washington  DC government.  It is time for the President and Congress to quit playing political games and –>Fix the borders!


A stupid is as stupid does moment for –> Team Obama and BP concerning the oil spill!

More subterfuge and spin for political agenda –> by the Hope and Change Team Obama.



  1. Just glancing at an article where the Mexican government was considering the Border Patrol killing this boy as a “murder”.

    Wanna take bets that Obama goes along with this—extradition and all, just to appease the Hispanic vote?

    Obama is truly a “useless little man”.

  2. I am not so worried about extradition as the probability that Obama will follow in the shoes of Bush and allow the guard to be railroaded through our own court systems, in order to satiate the bloodlust of the lunatic extremist faction of the far left Kosocialists.

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