Posted by: thescoundrel | June 10, 2010

Illinois is Burning

It seems that almost daily the State of Illinois is slapped in the face with some vulnerability created by our hopelessly inept State legislature.  Their inability to manage finances is like dealing with a credit card addicted spendthrift borrowing money from one credit card in order to payoff the accrued interest on another credit card. That is a losing proposition.  According to a QCOnline article the latest risk created by our borrow-borrow-borrow spend-spend-spend and just ignore your repayment responsibilities legislation ( 5 billion unpaid bills, and counting) – centers around the information that RI County is facing possible layoffs in the probation officer force, which keeps track of two-thousand+ non-incarcerated criminals walking our Quad-City streets. It seems that the State of Illinois is $400,00 dollars in the money owed the county that pays the salary of the parole officers. Government over-indebtedness is a nationwide problem. It sounds like it is time to stock-up on weapons, ammunition and  trained guard dogs in order to protect mans-castle(or womans-castle if that is the situation).

The State is broke. Gov. Quinn and the Super Majority Democrat led State Legislature talk-the-talk but never walk- the-walk, as they seem clueless on solving the budget problem. They borrow & spend without any idea on how they are going to pay off their financial obligations. They also create legislation that runs off business to other States while creating a dead zone incapable of attracting sustainable new corporate entities. The State is burning to the ground all  around us. But as Rome Illinois is burning, and faced with solving the budget problem – instead of looking for a fire-hose, the lawmakers hide their heads in the sand, as if that will put out the fire.



  1. I agree with this post almost entirely—except for the place where you say lawmakers hide their heads. 🙂

  2. Not a picture I wanted burned in my brain. I suppose that is what Illinois politicians mean when they state their are flexible.

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