Posted by: thescoundrel | June 11, 2010

FBI Releases ACORN Corruption Info

According to  a Capitol Confidential report, FBI documents released through the freedom of information act point more  incriminating fingers towards the ACORN HQ  as working as political activists for factions of the Democrat Party. The FBI documents has over one hundred pages of statements and notes concerning ACORN voter fraud and corruption. A House reform committee had also released an eighty-eight page stating that the evidence against ACORN was astounding. The FBI document asserted that ACORN workers were paid for voter registration cards even if they were fake. The character of the workforce was to treat the cards like a cash-cow revenue source. With all this negative information still leaking out about the group – which is in the process of recreating itself into several smaller groups under new name- you have to wonder–> Why does the Obama Justice  Department, under Eric Holder, refuse to launch an extensive  investigation into the illegal activities of the group and its leadership? I am sure that the longtime close ties to the group, by President Obama, have absolutely nothing to do with any Department of Justice lethargy 🙄 in the matter.


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