Posted by: thescoundrel | June 12, 2010

Cease, Desist and Surrender or I’ll Vomit on You

Illinois Carry held a ”right-to-carry”‘ concealed firearms rally on Saturday in Coal Valley. The group spoke to a crowd of locals seeking them to appeal to the State of Illinois Legislators about creating legislation to make it legal for citizens to carry concealed firearms for personal protection.  I personally think every citizen without a violent criminal history, should have the right to carry such weapons for personal protections.  Considering Chicago is always pressuring the rest of the Illinois legislators to create even stricter gun ownership legislation, the ability for Illinoisans to carry any weapon, other than a non-threatening in appearance water pistol -designed  for three-year old kids- could be a difficult legislative battle with legislators.  If it were up to the Chicago far left and other progressive factions of the Democrat Party, which basically runs our state, guns would probably be totally outlawed to own or even manufacture.  One speaker read the Illinois State Police suggestion, as listed on the IL State Police website,  to women for protection against attacks and/or rape. The officially listed recommendations were for women to carry either a comb or car keys for their protection. It was also suggested that that the women should consider inducing vomit as a response to being attacked. I am sure those  are exactly the methods members of the police would respond with, when faced with an attacker. Especially a violent attacker of superior strength and size. The next time the Police are face to face with an attacker they should just keep their weapons holstered and scream Cease, Desist and Surrender or I will projectile vomit, instead of their traditional cry of–> Stop or I’ll shoot! I suggest the Illinois State Police Officials should just let ’em see how that packing combs, car keys while spewing chunks ideology -instead of packing heat– works out for for the officers on patrol, before they start suggesting it as the best options for  others!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Sure, but just try to find bullets. Ghost

  2. When I read this article this a.m. I could hardly believe it—if we’re attacked the Illinois State Police says we’re supposed to defend ourselves with a comb? With vomit?

    This is bizarro leftwing world at its finest.

    Ladies, if a rapist attacks you, just lay back, relax and think of Pat Quinn.


  3. Ghost depends on what you looking to buy bullets for. Now if it is projectile vomit shrapnel you are seeking that has never been a problem – though perhaps a tad expensive. I worked in the Rock Island District for five years and was witness to my share of projectile vomiting. All you need is an individual whom has tried to eat to help absorb the alcohol they are consuming to find excellent shrapnel for a projectile vomit event. While eating food to absorb the alcohol is an excellent idea – it only works when the individual understands how to just SAY NO – when the opportunity for another round of drinks is suggested. Eventually the alcohol backs-up way past the bodies ability to process it or the food. At that point it is best to stay out of the line of fire for any of the not so innocent bystanders.

    If you are talking ammunition for a real live gun -at the moment that is not so hard either. Though if Pope Obama has his way that might not be true in the future. One of his suggested means of gun control is to tax ammunition to the point Joe and Jane Average USAmerican is unable to afford to buy the ammunition. That way it is assured only the government owned institutions, the rich and the criminals can afford to buy ammunition to protect themselves from would be tyrants and criminals.
    QCExaminer- A Pat Quinn fantasy for the ladies? Yuck!!!
    I had kin attending that meeting and I will say that she left the meeting less than happy with Pat Quinn and the methods of personal protection being offered up by the State of Illinois. It is lucky for Gov. Pat he was not there as I suspect many of the individuals there would have given him a piece of their minds. It would probably have made the recent Phil Hare faux townhall meetings seem tame.

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