Posted by: thescoundrel | June 18, 2010

A Sign of the Times

Weeks back Harry Reid supporters attacked Tea Party members. Several days back Illinois Congressman, Phil Hare went all ballistic and attempted to vocally and politically bully a citizen attending a Hare town-hall session, who questioned his truthfulness.  More recently Democrat Congressman Bob Etheridge went commando against an individual with a camera at a political rally  and a campaign aide for Alexi Giannoulias, the Democrat candidate for the Illinois Senate to fill President Obama’s former seat, challenged a camera operator at a fundraiser.

These temper tantrums are the type of vocational professionalism the USAmerican voters can expect from these would be elected officials?  Are these political temper tantrums the sign of things to come as well as, the Democrat Party demonstration of its current election strategy?


  1. Conservatives ‘plan’, Democraps ‘scheme’. When the boss (the American people) tells an employee (the administration) to stop doing what he/she is doing (stealing 60% of our economy, destroying the American dream, bowing to totalitarian leaders, etc), the normal/logical employee (the administration) would avoid getting fired (voted out) and do what his/her boss (the American people) tell him/her what to do. The normal/logical employee (the administration) would not become even more defiant/arrogant and tell his/her boss (the American people) to “grab your ankles and stand by for more” (Cap ‘n Trade, Green Energy, the Koran, etc). Ghost

  2. There’s been quite a bit of internet chatter about these “ambushes”.

    Evidently the GOP has sent out a memo to its members telling them to record the recorders, which will improve civility; Alan Simpson showed a Firedoglaker who is the alpha dog when he refused to be bamboozled by the hostile questions because he actually knew what he was talking about when it comes to Social Security.

    Hare could have avoided the Quincy Kerfuffle and the Memorial Day Kerfuffle if he had only done his homework.

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