Posted by: thescoundrel | June 22, 2010

Patients Bill of Rights

I was reading President Obama’s newly released “Patients Bill of Rights”.  My first look at the idea was favorable in general. I think most of the ideas would be a “real” step towards health care reform. Yet the Obama promise, as written, also looks to be just another big-top circus event perpetrated by Team Obama to reinforce the Frankenstein monster aka –> Obamacare. In the Obama  bill of rights – Team Obama says they want to do away with preexisting condition exclusions and annual/lifetime $$$ limits that put limits on medical coverage. Yet under Obamacare – they have already opened the door for government death panels to limit coverage and care based on medical service costs of treatment. Team Obama is once again talking out of both sides of their mouth at the same time. While I cheer the idea of a patients bill of rights – Team Obama is not selling the idea of patients rights – instead they are most likely trying to buttress Obamacare in an attempt to buy support and votes for the next election. Sadly, Team Obama still seems more interested in lies and political showboating than actually reforming health care. Under Team Obama’s new Patients Bill of Rights and Obamacare –> all animals are equal, but some animals will be less equal than others.


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  2. Sounds typical. Sell us a bill of goods against our wishes and when it’s found to be too expensive spend millions more telling us how much we need it. So much for change.

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