Posted by: thescoundrel | June 24, 2010

Is Obama Giving the Finger to USAmerican Citizens

If reports are correct, President Obama is once again turning to his thuggish Chicago Political Roots of political success through hook or crook. There  are unverified allegations spreading that Barack Obama is considering using the power of executive order; to give illegal aliens hiding inside the USA, a blanket amnesty–> if amnesty for illegal aliens legislation fails to pass through the Senate. I hope it is not true, but I figure either Obama or one of his minions is attempting to use this as leverage to pass a Senate legislation offering illegal aliens amnesty and citizenship. Wow -if true- that is a big White House -FU USAmerican Citizens, whom are overwhelmingly seeking just the opposite- whether he commits to the action or not. And just what actions would a blanket amnesty translate and commit the US towards? Blanket Amnesty- would be another Obama “Stupid is as Stupid Does Moment”.


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