Posted by: thescoundrel | June 24, 2010

Rod Blagojevich Big Top Court Circus Continues

The Rod Blagojevich Big Top Circus has been moved into the Trial Phase for a couple of weeks. Interesting facts continue to appear, while others seem to inconspicuously slip through the cracks. Despite a judgment that Barack Obama’s presence was an unnecessary factor at the trial – Questions about the Obama/Chicago Machine/Blagojevich connections continue to surface. Following are some interesting quotes and excerpts from an Illinois Statehouse News article posted at QCOnline.

(Obama’s) gonna resign on Tuesday or Wednesday and they’re gonna start putting pressure (to fill the seat),” Blagojevich told his chief of staff, John Harris, on Nov. 7.

Blagojevich and his advisers had been in frequent contact with Service Employees International Union vice president Tom Balanoff. Harris described Balanoff as Obama’s emissary to the former governor, but noted the close relationship the labor leader shared with Blagojevich as well.

The governor hoped Balanoff and Obama could arrange a lucrative position for his wife or himself at Win for Change, a political action arm for the union, according to Harris.

“The SEIU provides a buffer between Rod and Obama…meaning Obama would not have…an obvious quid pro quo for Valerie,” Harris explained to the jury.

It seems evident from these excerpts that the recent Joe Sestak event was no coincidence as Obama was already trying to use power play politics to influence who would be a part of Congress before he even took the office of POTUS.

It seems also very clear that just as some political pundits have suggested, that SEIU has been acting in questionable  political roles for Obama. From the sound of the testimony and tapes added to some of SEIU’s past actions involving harassing/attacking Tea Party citizens, it could be assumed that the union is playing  enforcers/brokers/buffer for Obama when he needs Chicago Style Political Thuggery tactics used. Someone remind me 🙄 again – just why isn’t Obama a key witness in this political circus trial! And for that matter shouldn’t key members of SEIU along with their books, e-mails and other correspondences be included in this spectacle? And maybe there are some White House tapes we should be listening to or have seventeen minutes or more of them gone missing?

Though the current trial is almost totally about Blagojevich’s attempt to profit from Obama’s vacated Senate seat – it seems that the Blagojevich connections -through Illinois State Senate leader Emil Jones and  Blago campaign fundraiser Tony Rezko- to the Chicago Daley Machine, which Obama was a big part of, have been swept under the carpet.  Think just maybe, there was some heavy political pressure to keep those connection as far away from the trial as possible, to keep Obama distanced from the current Blagojevich big top court circus? Those connections were best highlighted through the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Chicago Sun Times. Followings are some links to their previous concerns about the Obama connection to Rezko. Read them and then  remind me once again, as to why Obama is not important to the Blagojevich trial!

Hillary is 44 Rezko for dummies

Hillary is 44 Rezko for dummies p2

Hillary is 44 Rezko for dummies p3

Hillary is 44 Obama and the Chicago Suicide

Chicago Sun Times


  1. Wouldn’t it be tasty if Obama turns out to be ‘dirty’ in this? How do you spell ‘impeachment?’ Ghost

  2. There is very little chance that Obama was not neck deep in every dirty little deal that took place while he was an Illinois politician. So far he has managed to use his power as POTUS to keep his name out of the circus. My guess is he will stay clean. If Blago had something on tape or in writing that would have directly connected to Obama – there would not have been a trial. Either Blago would have gotten a get out of jail free card or he would have disappeared like Jimmy Hoffa.

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