Posted by: thescoundrel | June 28, 2010

A Moment of SCOTUS Sanity

In a moment of sanity the Supreme Court of the United States of America ruled against the City of Chicago’s complete ban on hand guns. Evidently the ruling does leave an opening for limited restrictions. With the SCOTUS ruling, they have struck a blow against tyrants and tyrannical groups like the Chicago Daley Machine that seeks to leave the average citizen at the mercy of gun-toting criminals and the strong arms tactics of a police state. If the Daley Machine had its way the city of Chicago, the State of Illinois and the whole USA – would be restricted from owning any firearms that they could use to protect self, family and property. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Daley-like nanny-state statists around the country tried to take away our right to drive. After-all you stand a whole hell of a lot bigger chance of getting run over by a moving vehicle than getting shot.  Following this SCOTUS ruling, it would not surprise me to see the Obama tax-the-bullets until the poor people cannot afford them legislation suggestion, to reappear.  The fight against tyrants seeking to steal away the gun ownership rights afforded to citizens through the Second Amendment seems to be a never ending battle!


  1. We can celebrate today, but considering how close the ruling was (5-4) this issue will be revisited again, probably sooner rather than later.


  2. It’s breathtaking that four Justices voted to ignore the Constitution. On another note, it’s a blessing that Sen. Byrd passed away six months before his party is reduced to three toenails and a puddle of spinal fluid. Ghost

  3. I fully expect to see many challenges by nannystatists attempting to strip US citizens rights to bear arms for protection against those very types of people and criminals. The four justices that voted for stealing the second amendment rights are part of the cancer that infects our justice system. The problem is that liberal majority courts are always – Statists trying to rewrite the constitution as they interpret.

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