Posted by: thescoundrel | July 6, 2010

Team Obama – Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Immigration Policy

Despite months of Team Obama rhetoric that the new Arizona legislation created to address illegal immigration issues- was racist discrimination; the newly filed lawsuit by Team Obama does not list racial discrimination as the reason for wasting taxpayer money on a federal trial. Instead Team Obama claims that AZ  is usurping federal power with the passing of legislation aimed at controlling illegal immigration within their State borders.  This should come as no surprise to anyone from the State of Illinois. After all Obama’s political career was birthed and nurtured in the illegal alien sanctuary city of Chicago; in our sanctuary State of Illinois. In my opinion, Team Obama has never planned on addressing the illegal alien problem that plagues the Border States of the USA. Team Obama does not plan on enforcing the federal laws that the new AZ law mirrors. Obama does not see illegal immigration as a problem. He sees it as an opportunity to further his progressive socialist agenda. He sees them as potential pawns that would look to him as savior for securing them citizenship. He is more than comfortable with the don’t ask – don’t tell bipartisan US illegal immigration policy that has created a new class of slavery and that has been status quo for decades. The only way Team Obama is going to aggressively seek to fix current immigration issues if any legislation includes a legalized voter fix to assure his reelection.



  1. I want to read some commentary by lawbloggers before I have a firm opinion about this, but there are two things I already know about this lawsuit:

    1. You know it’s bad when even Democrat AZ elected officials are telling Obama to back off.

    2. You know it’s bad when Obama attempts to distance himself from this by saying he has no control over Eric Holder and the Justice Dept.

  2. If they do pass immigration reform it would be a you say,
    to get votes. It’s almost funny how this administration can’t figure out why they’re called ‘illegal immigrants’. To just give them citizenship would have to be a slap in the face to all those who went through the process to become legal citizens.

  3. [You know it’s bad when Obama attempts to distance himself from this by saying he has no control over Eric Holder and the Justice Dept.]

    LOL – That’s not what they were saying when they were mad at the Bush Justice Dept. Perhaps Holder has gone rogue. I am still looking for a good explanation for Holder’s decision to drop the voter intimidation charges against Black Panther Shabazz. More domestic terrorists tied to the Obama administration.

    I read a few people looking at it from a law perspective and they seemed to think the Obama lawsuit had slim to no chance.

    Cruiser I do not think either party is interested in real reform. I have reached the decision where I do not see it possible to deport the illegal aliens inside the country. I think for real reform they have to come down hard on businesses that are hiring the illegals, then fix the borders. In that order. Only after they fix the borders will it do any good to create programs that could lead to their citizenship.

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