Posted by: thescoundrel | July 7, 2010

Judicial Freedom to Kill Crackers – The Obama Legacy

Barack Obama swept into power as the agent of hope and change that would cross racial division and then would sweep away the remaining vestiges of racism in the USA. He has only made it worse. Part of the problem is àJust like they are currently doing with Arizona, whenever someone disagrees with Obama policy, Congressional and Presidential Staff members of Team Obama and/or his worshiping disciples inside the media play the race card in an effort to flame a policy disagreement into a race war. Yet when faced with the opportunity to address an actual race based voter intimidation issue – Team Obama dropped the ball by dropping the case after they had already won it! This same thug that was found guilty of using voter intimidation  tactics  has also been caught on video -that the Obama worshiping mainstream media is ignoring- shouting racial slurs and advocating murder of men, women and children based on their skin color. After listening to the video I assume – Team Obama wants the Obama legacy to be remembered for a Freedom to Kill Cracker judicial policy. Barack Obama the False Prophet of hope and change -fails again- this time when it came to addressing bigotry and racism in the USA!



  1. I’m still for HOPE ‘n CHANGE. I HOPE we CHANGE back. “I can see November from my house.”. Ghost

  2. The Obama Team has only been in office for less than three years. Yet, it has a legacy? To claim the Arizona anti-immigrant law is unconstitutional is to play the race card?
    Does the Obama worshiping mainstream media include FOX, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the talk radio moguls who are anti- Obama?
    “The False Prophet of Hope”–President Obama– is admired by more millions around the world than by the few like you and Rush who dislike him.

  3. 1) Less than 2 years
    2) Admired around the world, but he works for the U.S. And that includes the 70% percent of us who are no longer fooled.

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  5. Hope and Change is a fairy tale in politics. Every presidential candidate in modern history has campaigned on some version of hope and change – especially when they were looking to supplant the ruling party or the other party had put themselves in a compromising position.

    Everybody has a legacy. It is defined by how people perceive you as much as it is defined by your actions during defining events. When you hold an important job such as the President you are constantly creating your legacy. Every “atta boy brownie” moment can come back to help color that legacy’s finished product. After painting an image of the great racial healer then- Choosing not to prosecute an individual that was clearly committing an act of voter intimidation; whom then gets himself caught on camera chanting to street crowds, that he “hates whitey” and that the black populace needs to be prepared to kill of white crackers and their babies is a legacy defining moment for a President that was supposedly going to heal racial wounds.

    Sure Obama is still popular with a huge section of Americans and still has many people that admire him around the world. But he has lost a lot of support in both arenas as well. His desperate clinging to Keynesian methods of economics to fix the current financial crisis is costing him in the European theater whom are now starting to lean against those theories to fix the current crisis. The Grimes statement in June that the voter bases turning against Obama tide is racist based is also part of the problem. Perhaps the local and national Obama worshipers should consider that as much as they would like to make it a race based issue – the Obama decline in popularity is a policy based series of events. Obama was elected for two reasons. One, he has charisma – most president candidates do. It is hard to believe but even Richard Nixon had an element of charm. And the second reason Obama was elected – he was not George W. Bush. That is how he ran his campaign and he still attempts to paint his personal shortcomings as president as Blame Bush! He now has the job, and as as I said long before any non or anti-Bush candidate was elected – Obama has found out that the job of president -like any other job- is as often directed by events as it is agenda.

    Filing a lawsuit against Arizona is not racist in action. As I implied in my previous post – it was how he went about about filing the lawsuit. He and his minions played the race card from the beginning playing the race card against the legislation to inflame the Obama base. The law was no more racist than the Obama lawsuit. Does the law have the opportunity to be abused? Yes. But that is no different than any other piece of legislation created. Any piece of legislation -no matter how well meaning its intentions- can be tainted by abuse. That is no reason not to pass legislation. Obama is simply looking for a way to politically capitalize off Arizona’s misery.

    Sorry but I have informed you before on my blog as well as others I am not a Limbaugh fan. I am a big Glenn Beck, Shepard Smith and Bill O’Reilly fan, which seems to stick in your craw. That is your problem not mine. I have held many similar views -Beck is just now espousing- long before Fox News started broadcasting. The mainstream media lost my attention and respect because they chose to ply the news towards commie lovers like Jane Fonda – while my relatives were busy getting peppered with shrapnel in the Vietnam War.

  6. How do you rate other Christian terrorists such s the KKK, Aryan Nation, and other 450 plus hate organizations ( with websites)?
    Where is the dividing line?
    Under the Obama Team the bankers were bailed out, GM was saved, an almost universal health care plan ( such as all westernized countries, including South Africa have) was implemented, Wall Street saved its CEOs, and so on.
    You jump from Obama to Jane Fonda and the Vietnam war. What are your thoughts on the Bush wars: Iraq and Afghanistan?
    We lead the world in sales of arms to other countries. We purchase oil from BP to fuel our military ( $1 billion so far).
    I imagine you are hunkering down for a war on Iran like Beck, O’Reilly and others who speak without facts to back them up.
    You may be mad at commies, but we have been doing business with them for years.
    Let us know what you would do for us and the world.

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  8. [How do you rate other Christian terrorists such s the KKK, Aryan Nation]

    Christian terrorists? Please 🙄 that is the type of statement that I would expect to come from a Radical Muslim Terrorist apologist like Christiane Amanpour. I have read your blog as well as other postings and though I often disagree with your politics, I would not take you for someone that would equate Christian Movements with domestic terror groups like the KKK and Aryan nation. I would no more include the KKK and other Aryan nation groups with normal Christian organizations than I would include Al Qaeda with normal Muslim organizations. The KKK and Aryan Groups use Christianity as a shield and a recruiting tool for the weakened minds. I have expressed numerous times on local blogs and on other more national formats -that I have little tolerance for such hate groups.

    As to your assessment of Team Obamas work. I have stated numerous times that although I did not approve of the Bush or Obama stimulus ideology but it was an event that was destined to happen because of CYA politics. It not proven to be a success and as an eventual success it seems a darkhorse a best. I don’t think the bankers or wall street deserved to be bailed out. I am not sold on the GM buyout either. The economy is still teetering on the brink of disaster and the various stimulus packages have proven little more than attempts at feeding their junkie habits.

    I have also spoken numerous times about how I feel about war in general. I despise it, but as I have often repeated most wars, including the Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan were inevitable. Do I think we will end up in war with Iran? I hope not. But as I said in my previous comment – often events -national and international- dictate the direction of political action even more than personal ideology and agenda.

    We purchase oil from BP. So what? I am a realist. They have a product to sale that is needed to power our economy and if we don’t buy it from them, someone else will. They screwed up and made a mess. they are not the first or the last that will do so. If you are going to quit buying products from corporations that are involved in man-made disasters- then you better start living in an adobe house or log cabin, stacks of blankets to keep you warm in the winter, facing heat stroke on a daily basis in the summer and relying on your feet to take you where you want to go. I have lived in an adobe house and a log cabin with dirt floors. I have relied on pot bellied coal stove to stay warm in brutal winters and taken multiple cold water baths in the summer in an effort to stay cool. And I have had to rely on my feet or neighbors to get me where I needed to go. I choose to stick with the modern day middle class conveniences.

  9. If Christiane Amanpour is an apologist for Radical Muslim Terrorists, what are Beck, Limbaugh and O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, etc.?
    You agree that weakened minds belong to our domestic radical groups. Doesn’t the same apply to those who subscribe to other fundamentalist and hate groups?
    And, if you agree, how do you make any inroads to change unless you think extermination is the only way.
    What happened in the former Yugoslavia is an example of how “civilized” people choose to settle their differences. What happened in Germany, Cambodia and here, early in our history, demonstrates your approach to “a modern day middle class” life is just for a self-chosen select few.
    By keeping pointing out black radicals and trying to associate them with President Obama tells us there is no Hope. Not here and not for humanity.

  10. Scoundrel: You should write a book, “How to Attract the Bewildered!” Or, “When the wise man points to the moon, the imbecile looks at his finger.” Ghost

  11. They are all political analysts. Unlike terrorist apologist Amanpour – they were not instrumental in creating a “Gods Warriors” propaganda piece to attack all Christian and Jewish organizations in an attempt to equate them as equal to radical Muslim terrorist groups.

    When you try and equate all fundamentalist groups with hate groups you make the same error in judgment. Most fundamentalist groups as well as most liberal groups are very similar in their motif and styles. The more extreme the fundamental or liberal group – the more Statist their makeup. The most extreme of both are violent and hate groups. I will also state as before most of those that turn to violence are simply using their “cause” connections as means to cover up their extreme Statist dogma. There will always be polar opposites in what defines morality which in turn reflects political policy.

    Obama only has himself to blame for any association with violent radicals. He has constantly associated himself with them. You mention black radicals but Obama holds hands with white radicals as well. He talks the talk of a peacemaker yet surrounds his politics with violent radicals and violent groups and thugs from the Chicago/Illinois Political Machines he spawned his career in. But that is normal. I have never claimed Obama to be anything other than he is – just another in a long line of political puppets. He owes his soul and career to political masters that stay behind the scene while he garners his fifteen minutes of fame doing their bidding. Looking for hope and change among politicians is self-delusional. The system is always rigged no matter which political philosophy you choose to follow. It was never on better display – than when the local politburo bullied Phil Hare’s regal crowning into existence. The bigger the government the more corrupt the system and the more callous their treatment of the people. They put on just enough of a big top show to satiate their minions and avoid revolt. I am not sure they really have a choice. As I continue to say events often create destiny and supplant even the best of intentions. If you want real hope and real change look to the people on the street not to big government. Your problem will be hope and change has different significances and translations to all people.

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