Posted by: thescoundrel | July 8, 2010

Hate Speech – Alive and Thriving Among the Democrat party

I prefer to stay non-aligned with either the Democrat or Republican Party. Still – Stupid is as Stupid does and Democrat Party members at the National Level continue to embrace the same intolerance, rudeness and bigotry as I witness, when I walk among the local Quad City Democrat Party followers. In all reality the link is just a small amount of the hate speech I have encountered on the Internet coming from Democrat Party enthusiasts.  The Democrat party may talk-the-talk but when they think the curtains are closed, they do not walk-the-walk.



  1. Since they can’t prove their point with the truth they resort to character assassination. Obviously it isn’t working since recent polls claim over 60% disaproval rating for Obama. Of course numbers like that didn’t stop them from passing the health care take over.

  2. Thank the gods I’ve never had to deal with ugly gender-based comments like MM, just the garden variety leftwing standards of racist, bigot, homophobe, etc.

    This topic comes up from time to time among female bloggers and from what I can tell, those who get the worst attacks have their photo on their blog, and the worst of the worst seems to be reserved for the most attractive.

    For various reasons I don’t have my photo on my blog, but even if I did, I doubt it would change much since I hardly have a “come hither” look—-it’s more like a “don’t tread on me sucka” look. 🙂

  3. Quoting William Shakespeare, “In time we hate that which we often fear.” Time for a bit of honesty: The ‘progressives’, liberals and democpaps in any form, frighten the hell out of me. Disregard all who are in it for the money, there is a percentage of our population, including Obama, that sincerely believe America deserves to be destroyed. God help us all! Ghost

  4. I know I have said this before –>
    Though my family heritage is of varied ethnicity – I look just like your average Irish doofus. But there are times when I am accompanied by family or friends whom do not fit that description. And when I am accompanied by family or friend – I am less worried about racial bias or conflict- when I am walking into a room of local Republicans, than when I walk into a room of local Democrats. For all the self-aggrandizing and patting themselves on the back by the Democrat Party – I have found far more instances of bigotry and hate speech among the local Democrat party members than when I am socializing among Republican Party members. That does not mean I excuse any such acts I have came across among Republicans. It just means that there have been fewer and less vocal moments of bigotry and hate during those interactions.

  5. Next step; civil unrest. I’m glad I’m old; I lived at a time that will be most written about when the subject is America.

  6. I agree with your observation QCEx. It is not very safe to use any personal photos on the Internet. I was hesitant when I first signed up my blog to use any personal information. In the end I chose to just use a descriptive pseudonym, a non revealing facial close-up photo for my avatar and an almost da Vinci quality self-portrait in my header. 🙂

    Cruiser I can’t see how they thought such vicious misogynist tones towards Malkin would prove their points eiether.

    Ghost I am not big on revolution, as a way to fix our problems. Yet as the progressives inside the Democrat Party and the Progressives inside the Republican Party push the two-party system further and further apart I suppose some form of revolution is becoming more possible. I am still hoping for a viable Third Party that will show up and knock some sense back into the current two-party system. I had thought the Tea party might be an integral part of that fix but I am still in a wait and see mode on whether they will be that fix.

  7. […] Hate Speech – Alive and Thriving Among the Democrat party … […]

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