Posted by: thescoundrel | July 11, 2010

Obama DOJ Handing out More Get out of Jail Free Cards

Holy Cow! It seems as if the Obama DOJ just keeps sinking deeper and deeper into voter fraud quicksand. From the very start there was indications of Obama/ACORN Chicago Style Tombstone voting practices being perpetrated. As I talked of in a previous post; the Obama DOJ – questionably dropped  voter fraud charges against New Black Panther thugs – after the Obama DOJ had already won the case by default. Now it is being reported that the Obama DOJ has also been dragging their feet on allegations of voter fraud in the highly controversial Minnesota election , despite an FBI agent finding  cause to look into the allegations.   Ahh yes the Chicago Democratic/Daley Machine voting philosophy of tombstone voting sounds alive and well in Minnesota!  Still when it comes to crooked elections and government corruption – our State of Illinois has been striving to be number one, long before Blago took center stage. Here is the rub –> it is difficult to predict just how any voter fraud trial would have ended in verdict. But  instead of prosecuting people -AG Eric Holder and Team Obama members – keep making themselves look complicit in some hidden conspiracy, as they continually fail to address the issues in through legal means. It makes you wonder how many, to whom and why has Team Obama  and his DOJ handed out “Get out of jail free” cards!



  1. This is just the beginning of Obama’s blatant disregard for the law and his continued “thumb in the eye” policies against the will of the American people. Eight Republican senators and an independent group that supports tighter limits on immigration are warning that the Obama administration is drafting a plan to “unilaterally” issue blanket amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants as it struggles to win support in Congress for an overhaul of immigration laws. 

    Obama is holding hostage Arizona and the safety of all citizens for the democrap’s political benefit. His latest scam searching companies’ records for illegals but not deporting them when found is meant to gain favor with this group pending blanket amnesty. Out of work, the illegals fired will ‘somehow’ find government handouts until they magically become Americans under the wand of ‘His beautiful Hand.’ Then they’ll be in line for reparations for all the years of suffering under that damn Bush. Ghost

  2. I am wondering if Team Obama is overstepping legal boundaries the way it is approaching the Arizona situation. It is basically using legal threats and intimidation – when as yet no crime of racial profiling has been perpetrated in attachment to the legislation.

  3. […] Obama DOJ Handing out More Get out of Jail Free Cards   by […]

  4. […] Obama DOJ Hands Out Get Out of Jail Free Cards […]

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