Posted by: thescoundrel | July 12, 2010

More Team Obama Voter Fraud Accusations

Media sources are reporting that Team Obama is facing even more accusations of voter fraud – this time from 2008  Hillary Clinton- for-POTUS campaign workers. Voter fraud, voter intimidation and fixed elections. I do not doubt that Team Clinton have just cause for believing that voter fraud was evident in the 2008 election.  After-all – Obama was taught and nurtured in  the best learning arenas for crooked politics in the world – Chicago and the State of Illinois. Voter Fraud  and Political  Corruption have long been proud faith-based traditions for Illinois politicians! Former Governor Rod Blagojevich could probably give us all some insight on the fraud and corruption inside the State of Illinois Big Top Political Show.

All these accusations of fraud and intimidation brings back old memories of District  politics.  In fact local political insider/topgun, the late John Gianulis was crucial in Rod Blagojevich’s reelection.  With Gianulis at the helm of the Rock Island Democratic Party back in 2006 -we here in the 17th district of Illinois- were treated to some fast footwork  by the local Democratic Politburo, when Lane Evans suspiciously leaked he was stepping down from his seat in Congress – just days after he had ran unopposed in the State Primary. That made it possible for the local Democratic Politburo to install Phil “I don’t worry about the Constitution”  Hare ( Philobluster has been known to skirt the  rules) as his chosen successor by using party insiders to select Hare. That allowed Hare to avoid a real primary against numerous challengers -that would never have challenged the popular Evans- most of whom were ahead of Hare in polls taken of potential voters. It was just the start of the local Democratic Politburo using thug tactics to keep Hare safe during Democrat Primary elections.

It will be interesting to see  if Obama will be afforded similar protection from possible POTUS competition in 2012.



  1. Hillbuzz has been all over this voter fraud documentary—and at least one of them is featured in it.

    These guys from Chicago had always been hard-core Dems, who supported Hillary in the ’08 primary and witnessed first-hand the dirty Chicago Way dealings of Team Obama.

    What they saw turned them away forever from the Democrat Party.

  2. I am wondering if this is Hillary probing for an Obama vulnerability. This could be a step towards he taking 0on Obama in 2012. Nothing like softening up your opponent with some more body jabs – after he has already taken a beating.

  3. So now the new Faux News cycle begins! We will now hear of this day after day on Fox, while they complain about why the MSM is not covering it, and like dopes, CNN will credulously swallow the poison and let it course through the body politic, until someone finally shoots it down! Nice work folks!

  4. Oh please – quit blaming Fox for reporting news that other news organizations got trumped on. You can whack on Fox and CNN’s reputation all you want but the two are the most trusted news sites on television. And have been for a long time. Mainstream media has no one to blame for that but themselves. MSM was pumping out liberal biased news when I was a kid. Nor do I believe there has every been truly neutral reporting. All reported news contains a certain amount of intentional stimulus directed by the writers and producers of the story/post. I was into a heated exchange myself with a local media’s editorial staff – just last year – over a family related tragedy they chose to inflate/represent as cause for reporter led nanny-state activism. Fox just balances out the equation by reporting news as seen through more conservative assessment.

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