Posted by: thescoundrel | July 12, 2010

Switzerland Proud Protector of Child Molesters – No Jews Allowed

After months of shuffling their feet on extraditing Roman Polanski back to the US to face charges for his crimes – the country of Switzerland decided to protect the child predator from facing justice. The capture and arrest of the fugitive went from high-profile media exposure to dead silence. I will not justify their lame excuse for deciding against extraditing Polanski but considering the dead silence after the initial buzz surrounding the arrest – I have little doubt that complicity was involved.  The way the Swiss have handled the situation makes  believe that someone inside the Swiss government was pressured by money and/or influential individuals from within the Hollyweirdo  community. Hollywood would sellout the children of the world to brothels and molesters to make a buck with a movie – then claim artistic freedom in an effort to justify the sellout. It looks like Switzerland has decided to become a sanctuary state for Child Molesters. The new Swiss National  jingoism–>  Switzerland – proud protector and sanctuary state for child molesters but – No Vacancies for Jews running for their lives from Nazis!!!!

Perhaps we need to place out a wanted dead or alive poster on Polanski like they used to during the old west times and let bounty hunters bring him to justice.
Now this the way Hollywood should be performing. —> Link



  1. The actual crime was never proven at trial, he only pleaded as a possible certain better outcome, at least according to the facts of the case.

  2. Polanski has admitted he slept with the girl – he just claimed the sex was consensual. That does not legally work. The girl was underage and legally incapable of having “consensual” sex with an adult. He had a sweetheart deal and then he fled. The original deal should be tossed. He should face prosecution for the original charge plus he should be charged and given the maximum punishment available for evading justice for so many years. If it were up to me I would tack on a year to his sentence for every year he has avoided justice. Fortunately for Polanski it ain’t my job.

  3. Guess you still do not understand how the criminal justice system actually works in the U.S.A. Regardless of the plea, he likely would never have been convicted of any wrong-doing if he had gone to trial.

  4. Oh I understand well how the justice system works. And you are very correct had he not not been stupid and ran – he very well might have walked free during that time period. That is not as likely anymore when it comes pedophiles like Polanski. There are still some exceptions to the rule among the elite – especially those in the entertainment industry. I am familiar with multiple child predators and for the most part, life is not so easy for them anymore. Which in my opinion is a good thing.

  5. He did the right thing, obviously, and he wins the case hands down. Good for him. He showed the U.S.A. courts to be complete and total jerks.

  6. He has won nothing. He is still a wanted man. He has limited access to most of the free world because he is free to roam only about three of those countries – because of US extradition laws. There is nothing to say that the Swiss or any of those three countries might not eventually change their minds if the US government put pressure on them. The smart move for the government would be to find away to ties up funds of all corporations that do business in the US and are still doing business with the creep. They just do not want to stir the ashes.

  7. It’s OK for you to remain incorrect about Roman’s case. But, he kicked the snot out of the justice system, for sure. 🙂

  8. Nothing to be incorrect about. He has admitted guilt. He is still a fugitive. He is basically cut off from most of the world because he chose not to face the system. He has even lost considerable support among several of his Hollyweird would-be defenders. So far all he has proved is what has been known since the beginning of time – knowing the right people with money and influence can be used to help an evil predator such as Polanski hide in plain sight.

  9. Admitted guilt does not mean he is actually guilty of a crime, at least according to some Experts. It only means he took a plea that offered him the best option in the case, and has nothing to do with whether or not he did anything wrong. But, it takes a higher-education to fully understand that, so you are out of the loop on that and can only stay with your denials and blatant attacks against others who are better informed than yourself. Still though, Roman is free and he wasn’t even convicted in any court trial. Good for him. And, sorry to prove you so incorrect.

  10. “According to some experts”. Oh please 🙄 Get real. Some experts tell me the world is ending in about two years – other experts say not so much. I am making plans on celebrating 2013 myself.

    you got some kid of hero worship for the guy – its your thing. But the man is an admitted child predator. And there have been a possible two other cases that have came forth. To hear him talk he doesn’t think he has done anything wrong by his predatory practices. The thing is if he had wanted to avoid the child molester tag – I am betting his lawyer could have originally worked out a nolo contendere plea during that era. I know of at least one predator who took that route. Polanski is just hoping the whole thing gets too expensive for the State and they drop the case. No matter how it ends – he is already an admitted child molester.

  11. Many victims like Roman are not so understood by uneducated people even here is the U. S., there thescoundrel. It’s not your fault, just a direct reflection of your lack of education and your inability of understanding the actual facts of this case.

  12. Polanski is not a victim but criminal attempting to avoid taking responsibility for his crimes. He has managed to take refuge among people willing to sell their souls for whatever was promised to the country of Switzerland in return for allowing him to avoid facing the US court system. He may or may not continue to avoid justice. Time will write the final chapters of this crime saga. You fail to offer any new wisdom or insight that would prove to the world he is not guilty of the crimes he has admitted committing- yet attempts to justify his actions. Your only defense seems to be “some” individuals offer hypothesis that Polanski may not be guilty. Theories and theorists are a dime a dozen when it comes to evaluating criminal activity. At this point in the circus the complete burden of proving innocence now lies on the shoulders of a criminal that has already admitted his guilt and has been found guilty in a court of law. Until there has been some evidence of his innocence released – you have nothing to backup your statements except idolization of this child predator and intangible supposition. Please enlighten us with real evidence of innocence – when you have some, Until then I leave you to ponder the vacuous ideologies -that allow you ignore the facts to date of the Polanski case- which you have used to build up an idolization for a child predator.

  13. Michellefrommadison loves child molesters.

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