Posted by: thescoundrel | July 14, 2010

Hey Ricky Hollywood Grow a Pair not show a pair

After reading about the reemergence of the Hollywood/Palin nuptials announced via the US media extravaganza  over on QCExaminer’s blog, I have but one piece of advice for Bristol Palin and Ricky Hollywood. Become adults instead of playing adult games. Immediately seek professional help from the following therapist. Ricky take Gunny’s advice seriously; then quit being a media whore by avoiding the soon to be offered invitations to the Jerry Springer Show and all the similar media sideshows/freakshows –>  then grow a pair – instead of publicly showing a pair. Then “maybe” your testicles will not be served to you for breakfast -Hannibal Lecter Style- by your future inlaws.

Real Therapy–>



  1. Sara Palin’s progress, whatever that may be and wherever she may be headed, is subject to derailment by Bristol Pad and her bottom-feeding baby-daddy. Governor Palin has been crucified when there is NO proof; the Democraps are drooling for all the tangible dirt enroute. The kids announced their plans without prior blessings. I wonder if Obama is paying for the wedding? It would be a smart investment. Ghost

  2. Yeah Bristol Palin gives me the impression of the the next Billy Carter. Bristol Beer? Maybe Levi Levitra?

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