Posted by: thescoundrel | July 14, 2010

MLB All Star Game Stupid is as Stupid does

I am an avid baseball fan. I don’t mind that it is thirty minutes of actual sporting activity – often jam-packed into a three hour time span. Like many-many baseball fans I am team-brand conscious.  In my case that means if the Chicago Cubs aren’t on the field I probably ain’t watching. That team-brand loyalty, is a reason that MLB requires both the American League and the National League to select at least one player from every team each league represents. To look at it from a business sense –> The All Star Game is an exhibition game and in order to draw and that helps keep the largest amount of baseball fans tuned in to the game. That helps MLB sell the game to Television corporations, plus it helps the broadcasting station to maximize dollars from advertising revenue. The fan hopefully gets to see the hometown favorite play the hero, the television station attracts a wider selection of viewers to expose their station’s product to while making money on advertising and the advertisers feel happy because they have a chance to promote their products to the captive viewer waiting to see their hometown favorite play the hero. It is a win-win-win for all parties. But like most big top circus events there is always room for “stupid is as stupid does” moments! In Tuesday’s game there was at least two such moments. One belonged to MLB the other to myself. Both of those moments coincided with each other.

I am a baseball addict. Like many foolish baseball addicts, I programmed my Direct TV box to automatically switch  to the game – which was 7:00 PM Central. That was my “Stupid is as Stupid does“ moment! I have been watching the All Star Game for most of my 29+ years on the planet. Any avid watcher knows MLB rolls out a Big Top Extravaganza  of entertainment before the actual game. It always lasts too long. That is their “Stupid is as Stupid does” moment. It is now  after 2:00 AM in the morning and I still cannot tell you whom I am more mad at – myself or MLB!

Most Baseball games are a lot like going fishing – a lot of lulls in between the action. Even for an avid baseball watcher -there are lots of slow time in between the offensive and defensive plays. That is why the cameramen often scan the audience for pictures of cute kids, sexy women and doofus guys; in order distract the television audience during those lulls in the field action. So as I walked in to my television room several minutes after  the scheduled time for the game, the pregame pomp was just getting under way. ZZZ-ZZZ-ZZZ! I walked in just in time to see a very ragged looking Harrison Ford in the middle of a feel-good MLB promotion. Sorry but MLB games are way too long for them too drag out such pregame spectacle. After a few minutes I started channel surfing. I returned to the channel at 7:45 PM figuring the game must be started. Nope, I arrived to a Direct TV commercial. When the commercials were over the game was still not ready to start! Finally a couple of charming kids came on the screen and did in about two minutes what MLB had failed to do in the previous forty-eight minutes – read the player lineups in order to start the game.  The first pitch of the game was not thrown until after the clock on my television registered 7:50 PM. Arghhhhhh!  Fifty minutes of mostly pompous spectacle in order to watch a game that lasted almost another three hours.  I don’t mind giving up three hours of my time to watch  a professional baseball game – I am a baseball fan. But fifty minutes of filler before the game is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!! It is distracting from the game and wasteful of the fans time. There is not a promotion or acknowledgement included before a baseball game that could not have been worked in as filler in between innings or during down minutes of the game. Baseball fans tune in the All Star game to watch baseball not fifty minutes of grandiose self-promoting back-slapping by MLB, owners/management, players,  their affiliates and associations. Stupid is as Stupid does! If I were one of those MLB sponsors that paid mega-bucks for advertising in the time period between 7:00 and 7:50 PM – I would be demanding my money back!!!


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