Posted by: thescoundrel | July 16, 2010

I Write Like — Sybil

Here is something fun to try. Towards the bottom of this post is a link  to a site called  “I Write Like”,  where you can post your personal posts/creations and it will analyze your writing style as  compared to famous authors. Since how or what I write depends upon the mood swing I am in I entered two different Internet postings, I have previously created. I was mostly amused by the  results I got.  One posting I submitted compared my style to Margaret Mitchell.  😀 I like that comparison very much, as she composed one of my favorite pieces of literature “Gone With the Wind”, which was also made into a slightly popular 1939 movie of the same name! The other comparison confused me as it compared the post to some old prehistoric fart from Britain  named William Shakespeare. I do remember being required to read some of his stuff in high school. 😯 But that comparison didn’t excite as much – as much of his stuff was full of blood and tragedy. Though I am left fairly confused about what the two different comparisons say about my already well known quirky personality. I considered submitting another post but the site already makes me look like I have a split personality. And I have no desire to come away looking like the Internets version of  Sybil!!!

Please, I will except no remarks about my pre-twenty-nine years old doom and gloom poetry or atrocious grammar from any of my past teachers! Hah! That especially means you -Ludwig!

Anyway I hope everybody enjoys the I Write Like Link!

I write like –> Margaret Mitchell

I write like –> William Shakespeare


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