Posted by: thescoundrel | July 18, 2010

Bring on the Bristol Beer and Levi Levitra

Potential political opponents for any future run for POTUS by Sarah Palin –  must furiously  calculating  hypothetical suggestive associative smear-campaigns, as they drool at the thoughts of a Billy Carter reincarnation when they read about the current  Bristol Palin/Levi Johnston  Big Top Circus. Flashbacks of Billy Beer and Billygate sugar plums dart possibilities to skewer any Sarah Palin campaign – are probably dancing in their bipartisan heads. Such is the misfortune of having fifteen-minute-of-fame seeking relatives when you are a candidate competing in a political world directed  more by media frenzy than durable goods. Live by the sword: Die by the Sword. Bristol Beer or Levi Levitra anyone?



  1. I feel sorry for Bristol’s younger sisters, especially Willow. She is a young teen and it must be mortifying for her to witness her sister’s shenanigans played out internationally—to say nothing of in Wasilla!

    When I read Palin’s memoir last year, I became convinced she was not going to run for POTUS. She just isn’t wired for that idiocy, and she is smart enough to realize that and that her talents and influence are in an entirely different sphere.

    Of course, I predicted that Obama wouldn’t get the Dem nomination for POTUS, so take the above with a gigantic boulder of salt. 🙂

  2. Governor Palin never misses an opportunity to list the many un-American influences surrounding President Barack Obama. March on, Sister.

    Ms. Palin supports true Conservative candidates. Right on, Ma’am.

    The Governor travels our Country firing up the rightwing electorate. Cool, no problem there.

    Sarah Palin is a Fox News contributor reporting the truth for millions of undecided voters. I applaud that, too.

    Ms. Palin brought John McCain closer to the presidency than he would have ever gotten on his own. Feel the power, Governor! Feel the power!

    But then Sarah Palin traveled to Arizona stumping for Senator McCain because she owed him a favor. This ‘politics as usual’ event, knowing J. D. Hayworth is the Tea Party favorite and obviously the better candidate, brought to light the same old crap we are desperately trying to flush out of Washington. Favors, special interests, good old boys, back room deals, bribes and unethical appointments while they sneer at us little people must stop. I appreciate you helping us take back America, Ms. Palin, but the new politician we’re praying for would have told Mr. McCain, “I love you and I thank you for all you’ve done for me, but you must see the tsunami heading this way. Be the honest politician we know you are and step aside while you’re ahead. God bless you for your service John and thank you, but I’m going to support J. D. Hayworth.”

    And now Bristol and Levee? You can expect to find crxp in THAT outhouse. Ghost

  3. The kid will all suffer from this type of exposure. It will not be pretty to look back on when the future is the now. The future looks bright for the pocketbooks of the analysts and shrinks of these future patients.

    Here is my take on Palin – she only stays rogue if she separates herself from Republican ties. That is not possible if she actually wants to be POTUS. But to climb the political ladder of success one has to make a lot of promises as they kiss a lot of Stuart Winstein barbie doll asses along the climb. Those promises accumulate, draw interest and become impossible (while publicly inconvenient – atta-boy Brownie) to pay off.

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