Posted by: thescoundrel | July 20, 2010

Conspiracy Fact – See No Evil – Hear No Evil – Know No Evil

Whenever someone has criticized Barack Obama or a member of Team Obama, the almost immediate response has been for the individual or organization criticizing Obama, to be labeled RACIST by Team Obama or their discipleship. Even I have experienced the numerous need to dodge racist labeled knives on this small blog -isolated here amidst the 17th district of Illinois- that was gerrymandered for the Democratic Politburo and that was also instrumental in helping elect Barack Obama to the US Senate plus Rod Blagojevich as our Governor, twice.  Most recently I noticed the Quad City Ghost face the wrath of an Obama disciple for posting about the Team Obama racist moment caught on tape by Andrew Breitbart.

From the early moments of the Obama 2008 campaign many Obama opponents were suspicious to the reasons that mainstream media never seemed to be interested in any story that criticized the anointed one – Barack Obama. The media jokes began to pile-up as every time a conservative individual or organization would question Obama or a member of Team Obama – mainstream media would  instead run a story about the racist conservatives attacking a black man. Fox News Journalists, The Tea Party and any conservative organization criticizing Team Obama were consistently smeared as creating bigoted conspiracy. I personally began to dub Obama as the False Prophet of Hope and Change, while calling mainstream media the popes and bishops of the Team Obama discipleship. Even now after video has been released about a Team Obama member bragging about using her position of authority in a racist manner – members of the Obama discipleship circle the wagons claiming; “See No Evil – Hear No Evil- Know No Evil”! The head buried in the sand response should be of no surprise – how many of the media hid their heads in the cone of silence when an Obama supporter (who was also a teacher of small children) was previously exposed on camera bragging about how she bullied her students that supported John McCain in the 2008 POTUS election. Now it seems as if all those whom have complained about “intentional” media bias protecting Team Obama are starting to be proved as conspiracy fact not theory. It seems that documents have been uncovered, showing mainstream media plans to discredit any conservative organization criticizing the False Prophet, and being exposed on the Daily Caller. Of course that media bias should not surprise anyone; after all it has not been all that long since it was uncovered that there was a similar conspiracy to protect Al Goracle Global Warming Theology among the Global Warming discipleship.

Let the Media “Cover Your Ass” coverup games begin!


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