Posted by: thescoundrel | July 21, 2010

Live by the Sword Die by the Sword

To Shirley Sherrod’s credit (assuming there are no more tapes or information concerning her past admitted bigotry towards a white farmer) it sounds as if she attempted to correct her admitted transgression of past racism. Her claims of redemption are a job for the media to prove or disprove. However It seems that the Progressive Liberal popes, bishops and disciples of the False Prophet Obama –> have decided to blame evil Conservatives for their  discipleship’s immediate and harsh reactions to the video released – concerning the past racist actions of  Team Obama member Shirley Sherrod.

The whole scenario goes back to my past remarks on the current Sarah Palin/Bristol Palin/Levi Johnston controversy. Modern politics are often more determined by media frenzy than durable goods. Those Obama supporters that feel misled, have no one to blame but themselves. If they were misled then it was because they have proven they are as easily led by media frenzy as any other political action group. Most of these groups are the same individuals that have allowed media frenzy to condemn (in some instances physically attacked Tea party members) the Tea Party as a racist filled movement on even less evidence. At least with Sherrod she has admitted to her racist behavior – it was just over twenty years ago. There has yet to date been any proof released of Tea Party Group racist actions. All there ever was offered against the Tea Party–>was media frenzy created innuendo.

I very much agree -and feel you can use it as a blanket to cover nearly all those individuals now feeling misled by the Sherrod video/story- with the following assessment of the NAACP reaction from Jeff Dunetz:

Snookered??? How could they be snookered, Shirley Sherrod spoke at an NAACP event. Mr. Jealous had access to the entire tape but he never bothered to look at it before he blasted Ms Sherrod. Sorry Mr. Jealous, but you can’t be snookered when you hold all of the evidence. And you are still missing a  major part of the video  its not necessarily about Shirley Sherrod. Watch the video again, listen for the approval of the crowd as she talked disparagingly about the white farmer and how she sent him to one of his own for help.  You see, Ms Sherrod’s story doesn’t change the fact that the NAACP audience seemed to have approved of her actions when she talked about not helping the white farmer.

Shirley Sherrod’s story doesn’t change the fact Ben Jealous had access to the entire video and blasted Sherrod without watching it.  That is not the fault of Andrew Breitbart, nor is it the fault of Fox News, it is the fault of only one person, Ben Jealous President of the NAACP.

As more of the story facts trickle out, in my estimation the original Sherrod video/story was never as much about Sherrod’s bigotry and racism as it was the hypocritical Progressive Liberals shielding Team Obama’s race baiting politics, while pointing fingers and falsely crying racist about the Tea Party Movement.  As I said in my Palin post – when it comes to modern media frenzy driven politics–> Live by the Sword:Die by the Sword.



  1. The backlash against these bogus charges of racism was inevitable.

    Ever since Obama appeared on the national scene, Democrats, blacks and their allies in the press have been working overtime to see who could throw the most race cards.

    No one said too much about all this bogus slander, libel and smears until suddenly the right, led by Breitbart, decided to fight back. Now all the Dems, journos, etc. say it’s time to drop these divisive tactics and why can’t we all just get along.

    The Democrats/press wanted a discussion about race and now they’re getting it good and hard.

  2. It is really sad it has come to this he said-she said but like you I feel it was inevitable. It is needed to create balance so that the real racists -and their are plenty of them among blacks, whites and every other ethnicity- can be smoked out. The left has “cried wolf” for so long – the real racists roam the streets protected by groups like the ACLU, while the people just wanting to live their lives are left to bear the impact of the false accusations.

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