Posted by: thescoundrel | July 23, 2010

Wagging Charlie Rangel

According to his Wikipedia biography –> “Charlie Rangel is known as an energetic, genial, and sociable politician, one who is able to gain friendship and influence by means of charm, humor, and candor.” I have seen him interviewed by the media and he seems all of that. Yet it also seems like Congressman Charlie Rangel has been under investigation for corruption charges almost  forever. It was just last year Rangel avoided being ousted from his highly visible leadership post of the House Ways and Means committee, over questions of his ethics.  Afterward Democrat Party insiders were quoted –>“Ousting the chairman — will remain wishful thinking until House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decides that it’s time for Rangel to lose his chairmanship.” Continued scandal eventually forced Rangel from his powerful position earlier this year. Now several months later Rangel is facing ethics charges again. After all the previous Nancy Pelosi foot shuffling the timing smells suspicious.

Considering the previous insider statement – that suggested Team Obama member Nancy Pelosi’s god-like omniscience/omnipotence abilities would make final determinations about Rangle’s future service in government –> Why now, after a lengthy amount of Pelosi playing “see no evil – hear no evil – know no evil” politics, has Pelosi dropped her all-powerful shield-of-protection from Rangel??? Could it be that Team Obama leader – following his recent Sherrod embarrassment- Barack Obama is needing a  little distraction from the daily exposure of his administration’s governing  failures? He was promoted as the Progressive Messiah of hope and change during the 2008 campaign. Instead he has been more of the same old tired Washington DC political hacks. Much to the horror of his leftwing base, his war policy has mirrored George Bush Jr. policy. Obama has expanded on invasion of public privacy with his progressive programs. His economic plans have been a failure. He was supposed to the light of truth  and has instead become exposed in lie after lie. The Obama failures could use a little “wag the dog” moment and this sudden change of direction in pursuing Rangel, could be just the media frenzy Obama could use and needs for a distraction. One constant for Obama, since his announced 2008 campaign, has been his willingness to toss Team Obama underlings under the bus when necessary. That was still very evident, when it looked like Shirley Sherrod was going to cause his administration embarrassment. The rush to put Rangel front of the media stage in a soliloquy–> smells alot like Team Obama has decided it is time for Rangel to take one for the team while they regroup before fall elections.


  1. There really is a fact that we all must realize ourselves before we can convince others: The art of journalism is over. It’s all fake! Fake news, fact-less documentaries, bias political coverage all for ratings, and it’s not working. Newspapers are looking for government donations, nightly network news is gasping for numbers, and there are more people reading our blogs than viewing CNN/MSNBC combined.

    Who will teach journalism tomorrow without professional examples? The art is over; it’s simply weak show business anymore. I’m impressed that Katie and Brian and that large ABC windbag can go an entire 30 minutes with a straight face. Maybe the money’s good. Ghost

  2. I do not believe there has ever been any “real” journalistic balance. I do not believe you can report an event without tainting it with personal bias. It just – is not possible. And even if it were – no one would listen to the events as without the descriptive words that tend to bias reporting you wind up with “See Dick run. See Jane run.” And then everyone tosses the paper aside or turns the channel from nightly news – to watch reruns of Gilligan’s Island.

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