Posted by: thescoundrel | July 31, 2010

Jim Hendry Trades Overwhelmingly Underwhelm

Well July is ending and Chicago Cub General Manager Jim Hendry has officially ran up the Cubby Blue white-flag of surrender, with a trade of pitcher Ted Lilly. As with the overwhelming majority of Hendry’s trades I am underwhelmed – again!!! Lilly was traded along with second-baseman Ryan Theriot for Los Angeles Dodgers second-baseman, Blake DeWitt and two low level minor league pitchers. And Hendry being the nice guy that he is – 🙄 -even tossed in 2.5 million dollars to help the Dodgers pay Lilly’s and Theriot’s salary! Holy Cow what a joke -the Cubs get short-sheeted in the trade- plus they basically pay Lilly and Theriot to play for the Dodgers. The trade is little more than trading even-up for similar quality second-basemen, while also trading one of the most consistent pitchers on the Cubs team for the last few years for a couple of maybe/maybe-not future prospects. Plus Hendry gave the Dodgers that 2.5 million dollars as part of the horse exchange!! And if the trade is successful for the Cubs, it will not be because of any great managerial insight but because Hendry tossed the dice and it didn’t come up snake-eyes! You know I can understand that Hendry is waving the White Flag and is probably not highly considering resigning Lilly to a new contract at the end of this season. So Hendry hopes that by trading Lilly he could get a bonus out of the original Lilly deal by adding players through a mid-season trade. I get it that is part of the Major League Baseball culture. But Hendry, as usual, got taken to the cleaners by another MLB General Manager! Basically Hendry gambled away the rest of Lilly’s contract of services  for a couple of minor league prospects that may never be and to make it look like he was doing his job he also swapped position players. My dog could have made that trade and she probably could have made the trade players for players without including cash. Did I mention that Hendry included 2.5 million dollars in this latest game of craps!!! 😡 When the Ricketts family purchased the Chicago Cubs franchise, the fans were promised that the team finally had an owner that was as interested in seeing the Chicago Cubs win – as does the fandom. Yet this trade reeks of the same past Cubs management failures.



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