Posted by: thescoundrel | August 2, 2010

A Government Infested with Tin Gods

Like Illinois Democrat Phil Hare, another current Congressman has had a Freudian slip, when pressed about the constitutionality of Obamacare. Congressman Pete Stark (Democrat-CA) -in a stupid is as stupid does moment- has been caught on video telling an audience he sees very few limitations in the US Constitution that would restrict the Federal government from creating legislation that tells people how to live their lives. Actually this has become a bipartisan problem for the citizens of the USA. Too many Progressive Statists now operate in both major political parties and in the case of the Democrat Party, the Progressive Liberals have a stranglehold on their power structure and platform. These people are out to restrict the freedoms granted USAmericans by the Constitution, by creating Nanny-State laws. The worst, of the worst seems, to be Team Obama and our current legislative body, as well as the people they appoint to supportive roles. As reflected in many of the words, actions and legislative shoves by Team Obama -such as Obamacare and Illegal Immigration issues- the current Administration, as well as Congress, is only interested in the US Constitution as an inconsequential piece of paper, which they can twist and change  the words –  to meet their Statist agenda. The US Constitution was actually designed to limit the powers held by Federal Government over USAmericans in order to restrain  “little tin god” wannabes – like these Progressive Statists. Somewhere along the course of history the US American citizens have fallen under the spell of the false-prophet rhetoric of these King George wannabes and allowed them to hijack our government. The real question now – is how do we rid our government of this vermin infestation that is eating away our Constitutional?


These tin god wannabes running our government have no problems trying to redefine and disregard the script of our US Constitution. But I suppose that should be of no surprise, since it seems more and more of these vermin running our government do not even bother reading the new  legislation that they bully through Congress. The US government has become the blind leading the blind. 😦



  1. Remember when gas was $1.25 per gallon and it went up to $3.50 per gallon? And then remember when gas dropped to $2.50 per gallon and we were all so happy? “Snooki for President!” -Ghost

  2. LOL I can remember as a small tyke traveling from NM to Illinois to visit family and my dad going wild because he came upon a stretch of highway where they were having a gas war. The stations were selling gas for 19 cents a gallon. My dad would stop and refill his tank as soon as he noticed his gas gauge drop below full. He was determined to keep filling his tank until we left the gas war stretch. Don’t see that anymore. I can remember the Jimmy Carter gas lines with gas stations running out of gas and people angry when a station would close. Many of those people left out in the cold would sit in line for over an hour only to get turned away. I knew some stations that would only sell to previous customers. The lines reminded me of the Soviet Union food lines you would see pictures of. I also see Obama and Congress taking us down similar roads in the future with legislation like Obamacare.

  3. Jimmy Carter was also responsible for cutting down the speed limit on highways to 55 mph. The truck drivers and a lot of citizens howled. The idea that slower speeds ( the most efficient is near 60 mph) saves gas did not mean anything.
    Jimmy Carter also suggested we turn down our thermostats to 69degrees ( I think he said 68). Anyway, a lot of senior citizens complained and so did people who didn’t like the idea of wearing sweaters in the house.

    A friend of mine from Ohio says her son’s ailment was listed as “pre-exisiting condition” so no coverage, and the nearby hospital was not on the service provider list. She is looking forward to Obamacare as you call it.

    Seems as though reactionaries love(d) pre-exisiting conditions.
    They cannot stand Washington “politicians” and government, yet they want to send their choice of candidates to Washington to become part of the government.

  4. Hey QC Ghost, I remember when gas was 25 cents a gallon! What has that to do with Obama? He does not own corporations who have CEOs rolling in the dough. $32 billion to try to clean up its mess for BP is chump change. You are so focused on your dislike for Obama, you probably blame the current heat wave on him also.
    You keep harping on the Constitution. You probably would have been against all 23 amendments. The GOP was to rescind the 14th amendment. Yup, throw out the Bill of Rights, and stick to the Constitution.
    There are people who believe in the sanctity of life, but have no regrets to throw out babies of foreigners and send their own sons and daughters to useless wars.
    Save the taxes of the well to do citizens. They know what is good for us–hard work at low prices.

  5. Tacky: You REALLY missed the metaphor except. As does Obama, I blame George W. Bush for everything. I especially blame ‘W’ for not extending presidential term limits while he had the chance. That should keep your keyboard busy. Ghost

  6. Tacky – The older I get – the more I realize what a pathetic joke Jimmy Carter was as POTUS. Most of my paternal side of the family- myself included- was supportive of Jimmy Carter for POTUS. I remember we even talked about Ford versus Carter in school. Jimmy Carter was the last time my dad -a lifetime supporter of mostly Democrat Party candidates until he voted for Carter- ever cast a vote for a Democrat for the position of POTUS. In fact Carter received a lot of votes from my Dad’s side of the family as they are all life long members of the Democrat Party. Myself I hold no allegiance to either party and have always voted a split ticket. I find both the Democrat Party and the Republican Party lacking and unworthy of my vote. But since the Democrat Party ran off any real-life conservative candidates over the last few decades (there was a time I actually respected and believed in Democrats like Al Gore and Harold Ford but they sold their conservative souls over to the progressive liberals) and excluded any leftover – from playing political reindeer games – those with Conservative values are often forced to vote mostly Republican as the only conservative options.

    [Jimmy Carter was also responsible for cutting down the speed limit on highways to 55 mph….. Jimmy Carter also suggested we turn down our thermostats to 69degrees]

    That was typical Carter. Instead of solving the problem – he sought to create the equivalent of Russian bread lines, at the gas pumps. Rationing does not solve the problem. It only creates hardships and turmoil. And if you had read my previous posts on the energy problems the world faces – you would have found I constantly curse both the Democrat and Republican Parties for spending over four decades of not solving our energy problems. They both play political hot potato with the issue of energy needs. They all talk and talk – but instead of creating solutions they hide their heads in the sand.

    [A friend of mine from Ohio says her son’s ailment was listed as “pre-exisiting condition” so no coverage, and the nearby hospital was not on the service provider list. She is looking forward to Obamacare as you call it. ]

    You talk as if those of us against Obamacare are against healthcare reform. That is simply not true. There is no doubt that there are huge problems like preexisting conditions that need to be addressed in our health care system. I have harped on my blog many times over problems in the health care system. My problem with Obamacare is the same now as it was when it was proposed – Obama has long preached the progressive liberalism for a government takeover of the health care industry through a single payer option. Obamacare is his foot in the door. But the government is even less trustable than the insurance companies. The government should be the watchdog that watches over the companies to make sure they all play by the rules. But when the government sticks its foot in the door towards becoming the management – then the fox becomes the watchdog and the chickens become an endangered species. The government has been bipartisanly busy bankrupting SS, Medicare and Medicaid over the last several decades. They are simply inept at handling and managing the current social programs. They turn them into bloated money sucking bureaucracies that they use to employ friends, family and buy votes. I have no desire to see them bankrupt the whole insurance industry as they are currently doing with every other government social program. And if your friend thinks that Obamacare is the solution to preexisting conditions then she has another think coming. I have commented before over the problems with government programs like Medicare when dealing with preexisting conditions. I have dealt with the government run medical system -Medicare- when they and the JD insurance company started limiting treatment for my mother’s treatment following an illness and my fathers cancer supply needs. Medicare was far less responsive to the problems than the insurance company. The difference was we could use the government as a tool against the insurance company, not so Medicare – as Medicare is already operated by government

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