Posted by: thescoundrel | August 11, 2010

Quad City ACLU Chapter Suspended

The Quad City Times reported that the Iowa ACLU has suspended the Quad City Branch  of the ACLU. The article did not give much for reasoning behind the move – other than the current QC leadership does not goose-step to the required marching orders from its ACLU masters. The article did quote the current head of the Quad City chapter following his election to office:

At the time of his election, Bucksbaum and others said the organization would step up education and communications activities, as well as the monitoring of local government and the media.Typical ACLU rhetoric.

It is not that the ACLU is using Big Brother spying tactics as they seek to protect terrorists and criminals from justice, by using obscure or bullshit reasoning; it is just that the ACLU is not properly reeducating the public about its contemptible functions through their media sourced propaganda and spin. Wow – that sounds a lot like the Team Obama Administration attempts to explain away the unpopularity of its Socialist agenda legislation.

I wonder what is motivating the State level of the ACLU to suspend the local chapter. Perhaps the Quad City Nazi activists are letting the local QC ACLU chapter down, by not being loathsome enough to merit saving their Nazi buttocks from the justice system. Perhaps it is because we lack actual Quad City terrorists for the local branch to protect. Maybe it is because the Quad City region has been coming down hard on pedophiles and the local chapter of the ACLU has not been following normal ACLU principals of protecting perverts and criminals over the rights of victims seeking justice.  Gosh darn it, who can really say.

The ACLU protecting Domestic/Global terrorists, criminals and perverts from receiving justice. Yes, just like Stuart Smalley – The ACLU is smart enough to get away with it, they are good enough to get away with it. And Gosh-Darn It, Felons love them! But I guess our local Quad City chapter just ain’t picking up their share of the protecting criminals load. What a shame. 🙄

May the closing be forever and part of a growing National trend!



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  2. How ’bout that! ‘Good’ is not the only casualty of the Obama administration. Ironic the ACLU as ‘collateral damage!’ Ghost

  3. Here’s the account in the Hare-Dispatch with a little more information about the situation.

    I know everyone here will enjoy this bit from the article:

    “[QC chapter board member Marti] Puls also said a black woman representing the local ACLU chapter at the state board’s November 2009 meeting felt she was treated badly, discriminated against and ignored when she contacted the state board.”

    This is just too juicy—the ACLU is RAAAAACIST!

    What a hoot!

  4. I lose no sleep when the ACLU takes it on the chin.

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