Posted by: thescoundrel | August 12, 2010

The Never Ending Cycle of Dirty DC Politics Begins Again

The what went on behind closed doors ménage à trois of Team Obama-Joe Sestak-Bill Clinton has become news once again. Evidently Clinton dropped another of his historic  “I did not have sexual relations with” (this time about Joe Sestak) comments during an interview. He claimed he was not a go-between floating political opportunity possibilities for Team Obama and Sestak. Well that could be embarrassing for someone. Of course with Billy-Bob Clinton’s history of lying -even under judicial oath- it only confuses the matter even more. The most ardent of Clinton supporters used to adamantly dismiss the fact that Teflon Clinton was such an adept liar,  as they chimed that his mistruths harmed no one.  Wonder how that feels right about now, with Team Obama members sitting in the cross-hairs of his gifted fables. My almost psychic ability is already hearing the calls for a special investigator.

You have to ask the questions. Did members of Team Obama break rules in trying to keep Sestak from playing Washington DC  reindeer games? Is boastful Bill just playing word games or flat out lying, again? If so – why? Is he spiteful because his choice lost in the Colorado power play? Is it some sort of Clinton power play to continue regaining Clinton superpower status among Democrat Party members? Is it a preemptive strike for a Hillary for POTUS campaign in 2012? So many questions – so few answers. And since politicians and DC political power brokering are involved; we can expect little in facts that have not been tarnished by spin! Another chink in the False Prophets Hope and Change mantra. It does not matter which major political party is in power – sex, greed, lies, power brokering and thuggish tactics still rule DC politics.

🙂  The Never Ending Cycle of Dirty DC Politics Begins Again!!!  🙂



  1. Politicians would rather fight than discuss issues. Vitriol gets better headlines, makes politicians look as if they are fighting for the little people they are supposed to be serving and makes them more formidable come reelection time. It keeps the voting base frenzied and helps to coverup the two-party games of tag you are it.

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