Posted by: thescoundrel | August 18, 2010

Curses Foiled Again

Well for a short moment in time,  it looked like I was back in style! I started reading a Daily Mail article and it said:

While recent years have seen the seemingly unstoppable rise of male grooming, 85 per cent of women said that the hirsute look suits men better.

Waxing and excessive shaving got the thumbs down, with girls opting for a ‘real man’ instead.

Shaved chests, plucked eyebrows and the ‘back, sack and crack’ wax were not, after all, the way to a woman’s heart, the survey found.

I was ecstatic after reading the analysis. 🙂 Especially since shaved chests, plucked eyebrows and the ‘back, sack and crack’ wax are not (and never will be) included as part of my normal grooming process! Sadly my back-in-style moment was soon to be crushed in the same article. 😦 Further down in the article some distressing news was included to crush theScoundrel‘s back-in-style comeback-dream:

Only 8 per cent of women said they liked their men groomed to perfection, narrowly beating the 7 per cent who preferred to see a werewolf-like quantity of hair.

Okay that does present a problem. The problem being–> even after soaking in hair creme rinse for three hours,  it takes at least three t-shirts to contain the Midwestern Plains expansion growing on my chest and back, so that I may suppress any porcupine spikes from piercing anyone close enough to notice released male hormones. Curses, foiled again – by trivializing poll specifics. Seven percent poll ratings – really cuts down on a guys options when cruising the nightspots! Heck – that’s even lower than the Democrat and Republican Congress’ ratings!!!   😦




  1. So, the unibrow is OK again? Ghost

  2. Since this was the UK Daily Mail, maybe tastes are different in the USA.

    The comments at the DM link are hilarious—I liked the one by the lady who said she refused to associate with a man who spent more time on grooming than she did. 🙂

    But still, all may not be lost for the male werewolves among us; isn’t that Twilight series about some young chick who is conflicted about whether she is love with a werewolf or a vampire?

    And I thought I had bizarre taste in men in my youth! 🙂

  3. I am not sure Ghost but Why Not!

    Traditional vampire and werewolves romances would seem to fall under death-wish relationship categories. Both are doomed to end badly and bloody.

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