Posted by: thescoundrel | August 20, 2010

Illinois Dreaming – So long, Farewell, Auf Weidersehen, Goodbye

Who would of thought that an endorsement from his holiness the False Prophet of Hope and Change – Barack Obama- would be a bad thing here in the political La-La land of Illinois. After all, the Holy One did birth his political career as a Democrat Machine’s Puppet,  here in Illinois. Yet according to a recent media article, pollster Political Policy Polling found that —> 40% of Illinois voters said they would be less likely to vote for an Obama supported candidate, while only 26% of Illinois voters would see an Obama endorsement for a candidate as a  blessing!

Oops!             😳          Oops!

Maybe the False Prophet should come and spend some quality campaign  time with Illinois Congressman, and Democrat Progressive Liberal Politburo Puppet,  Phearless Philobluster Hare. It has been since the Lane Evans’ days that I was obliged in attending a RI Democrat Politburo function. But a Phil Hare good-bye party is one RI County Democrat Politburo function, I would be willing to attend, even if I had to RSVP. It would be even more fun if there were dart boards embedded with Phil’s and Lane’s image. Now that would be a fun activity. The whole idea has this Illinoisan dreaming that the sun would come out tomorrow-tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar the sun would shine – with a brighter future, for those of us here in Illinois.  Heck, I might even be willing to sing a few lyrics from the Sound of Music such as — So long, farewell, Auf Weidersehen, goodbye —  as a good riddance err I mean as a bon voyage to good old Philobluster at the event!


  1. Somewhere around April, 2008 I finally got a clue about what Obama was really about, but in a million years I would have never thought this large a segment of the State O’ Illinois would reject him—after less than two years as POTUS, and by such a large margin.

    And The Philster is heeding the polls. Last night on the Official Philster Propaganda Network (a/k/a WQAD) Philster was attacking Obama for not having a “plan” and that unless Hare saw the “plan” he wasn’t going to vote for anymore war funding.

    For good measure, he had his press pal, Jason Fechner, reiterate that the Philster broke with Obama on this, and don’t forget, he broke with Obama about trade agreements, too. It’s really hard to take WQAD seriously when they are so obvious in shilling for Philster.

    But did Phil even vote for funding THIS year? I dunno, but ever since he has been in Congress he has been saying he won’t vote for war funding until he sees a “plan” or a timetable. He made good on this threat when GWB was POTUS, but he DID vote for war funding last year for the first time.

    I do hope this poser gets the boot in November.

  2. Philobluster as well as the False Prophet Obama are two-of-a-kind, political puppets. They will both sing, dance and vote as each are directed to perform by those pulling the strings of each individual. Phearless Phil has the most gamble in losing his entertainment role, as he is far more expendable to the power brokers than a POTUS.

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