Posted by: thescoundrel | August 21, 2010

Big Game Fishing

When you go fishing for a trophy catch you use a smaller fish for bait. Sometimes you lose the bait and the cost involved for your efforts of seeking glory. But it is a risk you take, when seeking the bigger prize. No matter how great the fisherman or the quality of equipment and bait used; often the really big fish still get away.  According to insinuations by former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, his trial was such bait – in a quest to catch some bigger fish among the Team Obama Administration. But then many of us surmised that possibility long before the Blago trial began. We have seen this sport of pushme-pullyou fishing expeditions probing practically every Democrat and Republican administration in power during modern political times. Considering the manpower involved and the costs of the first Blago trial, the Multi-Million Dollar questions are; will the Blago prosecutorial team pack up their gear and take home their catch, continue to fish and cut bait with what they have on hand,  or seek out some new bait to lure in the bigger fish they seek with their fishing expedition. No matter the decision, no matter the prize sought, we taxpayers always get stuck with the bill when the US Justice system goes big game fishing. It is a lose-lose situation where shyster lawyers, scoundrels, scalawags and outright criminals hope to make the law and order costs of seeking justice for crimes committed – more expensive than the costs of just letting the crooks run free.




  1. We don’t always catch the ‘big one,’ but we keep on fishing. Even when it’s cheaper to buy a fish (in other words, hire someone else to do the fishing) real fisherman will still invest in bate and boats for the challenge of catching the ‘big one.’

    What’s stupid is dropping the line when there’s no fish in the pond (or when there is someone below the surface un-bating the hook).

    One stubborn juror? One stubborn juror 23 times? Please! The ‘fish’ is the one of 24 guilty verdicts they were allowed to catch. Ghost

  2. I do not think they want to play catch and release with Blago. But I do think they were hoping for a better bite on the line than one conviction. I have been saying since the investigation started – this is as much a probe to see how many rats they can scare out of hiding. Blago is mostly bait. The more convictions the likely he willing to become bait for a bigger catch. I think the end game was/is hoping to catch some fattened Chicago bottom feeders and/or some prime DC puffer fish.

  3. Did you see him this morning on Fox News Sunday? You’ve got to admire his cajones (a body part Obama’s missing, according to Gov. Palin). As soon as these pesky trials are out of the way, he’s going to run for public office again. May I suggest he run for City Limits? Ghost

  4. I have not watched much news the last several days. Whatever news I have been exposed to has been from reading the Dispatch and sources on the Internet. Blago is egocentric and full of bluster. The recent trial has only feds his ego that he is an indestructible Teflon King. The combination has both served his needs in political world as-well-as it has been the originating force for the recent legal mule-kicks to his groin. Not much he says or does would surprise me. His ego could be the very thing that brings him down as well as those associated in his dirty deals. My opinion is that if it starts to look bad for some of his associates -and some of those Chicago players, play nasty- Blago could win-up visiting Jimmy Hoffa,

  5. 1). OK

    2). OK

    3). OK


  6. 😯 Yikes what happened! 😯

    I guess I need to do some deleting!

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