Posted by: thescoundrel | August 23, 2010

More Obama Conspiracy

In the 2008 Democrat Primary it looked like Hillary Clinton was an automatic selection as the Democrat POTUS candidate. Then the momentum changed and Barack Obama with a basic reform candidacy built on blank statements of false prophet promises – pushed the Clinton political machine to the side and out of the race. There have been many reasons juxtaposed for the Clinton/Obama reversal of 2008 campaign fortunes. One conspiracy theory espoused by Alex Jones -and immediately dismissed by most media sources as a tinfoil-cap rant- involved a reversal of support for Clinton in favor of Obama by a shadow group known only as the Bilderberg Group. The story was that Obama was more willing than Clinton to manage against US sovereignty in legislative issues: in favor the New World Order ideology of one world government, that would often allow Global Legislation and Concerns precedence over current and new US legislation. And while the mainstream media has worked hard to dismiss the Obama/Bilderberg ties – the story continues to gain momentum. According to the US News Today site, former Cuban leader Fidel Castro has added his voice against the Bilderberg groups influence in global governments. Adding Castro’s concerns about the Bilderberg Group’s current power brokering, to what has been mostly various factions and individuals led by conspiracy theorists such as Jones- really creates some very strange bedfellows.

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