Posted by: thescoundrel | August 26, 2010

If Wishes were Fishes

When dealing with Democrat Party faithful followers, if you are a Non-Democrat that is vocal in your disapproval of Barack Obama then you are branded a racist. If you do not buy into the Al Goracle religious prophecy of Global Warming or the job killings efforts of the Team Obama Cap and Trade legislation, then you must be an uneducated flat-earther  seeking to overrun Mother Earth with pollutants. If you vocally disagree with the Progressive Liberal abortion on demand policy, as a form of legitimate birth control, then you are painted as a woman hating misogynist. If you disagree with the disastrous way in which Team Obama is handling the illegal immigration  nightmare, then you are labeled a xenophobic and/or a racist. The key imaging behind these and all attacks on individuals that do not worship the Democrat Party Progressive Liberal platform – is the desire to demean those with opposing views as violent vermin infestations in need of eradication. Plus as Team Obama has constantly displayed – even if you are on board the Progressive Liberal Express, if you become a liability in achieving their agenda- politicians will toss friend as well as foe under the bus and then run over the wounded body with the train – to make sure the body is dead.  The insecure philosophy of eating their own has long been a part of  party politics. When scandal and/or disastrous poll rating are part of the equation – you can bet that; Just Like Bobby Bright –> if wishes were fishes, all Democrat legislators up for reelection would be casting similar nets, hoping to cull out and harvest the damaged goods among party leadership muddying up the election waters, before the fall cycle begins.

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