Posted by: thescoundrel | August 29, 2010

A Red White and Blue Group Hug

It was not a pick me-me-me as your leader rally. It was not even a king-making event. It was not a Hollyweird production. It was not a Republican red thing. It was not a Democrat blue thing. And despite an irrational deep-seated hatred for Glenn Beck which extremist Progressive Liberals used as fuel, for never-ending attempts at derailing what was basically an oversized group-hug – Glenn Beck helped thousands-upon-thousands of USAmericans come together for a Red, White & Blue Moment! Good for him!


  1. I agree—to me it was just a warm and fuzzy rally for God, country, flag, mom and apple pie.

    Which is why I was stunned by the over-the-top, unhinged frothing hatefest reax by the left.

    I knew they wouldn’t be on board with all the Beck stuff, but the reactions I saw on the left just reinforced my opinion that to be a liberal is to be not only mentally ill but to also be susceptible to Big-Brother style group think.

    Those people are damned scary!

  2. The people spewing against the rally belong to the Beck Deranged. His mere presence on the planet makes them boil. They do not even watch or listen to his programing. They have no clue as to what Beck is all about. Beck is not a friend to either political party. His political stances usually lean towards Conservative Libertarian. Beck’s shows are all about Red, White and Blue. His shows are as much a history lesson – and/or faith issues as they related to the formation of the USA- as often as they delve into politics. One of the biggest tells about the Beck Deranged is there constant blindness to Becks efforts to include minorities in his shows as well as events. My biggest worry for Beck is his passion will be his downfall. He is an alcoholic. Passion can turn into exhaustion and burnout. Exhaustion and burnout can turn into a stumbling block for anyone with a substance abuse problem. Substance abusers are something I have had to experience in the workplace and family. They are always just one stumble away from the gutter.

  3. I don’t know who to blame for turning Christianity in to a political agenda, but the variety of leftist groups (ACLU) who are dedicated to removing God from every aspect of our public lives know exactly what they are trying to do. Beck is brillient. He knows our Republic will fail without God. His first step was obvious Saturday; we Christians need not be ashamed of our faith. We must stop appeasing those who, for example, want to remove the desert cross.

    Those who say Beck’s rally was not a political rally, are missing the point. Re-introduce God to America, or this 230 experiment is lost. (Shush, don’t tell the democraps, but Beck’s rally WAS political. Ghost

  4. Acknowledging the ACLU and Progressive Statists of the Democrat and Republican Party attempts at destroying God and Religion is a start.

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