Posted by: thescoundrel | September 1, 2010

Eco Terrorist Holds his Parasites Hostage

Media sources are making claims that an environmental activist -James J Lee-  is the person responsible for holding individuals hostage at the Discovery Channel offices. Stupid is as stupid does. I would like to say that it surprises me that some leftwinger is threatening a building full of people and babies – but it doesn’t. Evidently Mr. Lee has created a manifesto with statements condemning Human presence on the planet. And using  leftwing ideology similar to that used to support abortions, Mr. Lee considers children and newborn babies as parasites as well as supports what sounds like extremist  Zero Population Growth beliefs.  AS I said I would like to believe that Lee is just a lonegun extremist: but if so, then I would have to accept the city-like population of nutcases that post similar hatred on sites like the Democratic Underground are not mainstream Progressive Liberals. I would have to accept that the leftwing support for eco-terrorist groups like Green Peace and destructive animal liberation groups is not a major part of the Progressive Liberal movements. I would have to consider that hate spewing Hollyweird Liberals wishing death and destruction  – such as Huffington Post contributor John Cusacks recent tirade, as linked to by local blogger QCGhost– were not part of the normal Progressive Liberal agendas. But all those types of hate speech and acts of domestic terrorism have  become the norm for the Progressive Liberals to embrace. It has even reached into the levels of the White House as some of President Obamas close supporters   include black separatists like Rev. Wright. It includes multiple advisers that were former members  of the Domestic Terror group the Weathermen.  It includes numerous references championing the mass murderer Mao Tse Tung as well as freedom hating Hugo Chavez  by Obama advisers. And when you point out all the ties of Progressive Liberals to hate groups and domestic terrorists they try and deflect the conversation away from those ties.  So as much as I would like to think that the leftwing liberals have not tied their political fortunes to extremists like James Lee – the constant reminders of connections, actions and events of those links  – say otherwise. Stupid is as stupid does.



  1. Evidently the police have shot the hostage taker. It has also been reported that he wore a deadmans switch with explosives that went off. The report is the terrorist is in police custody, though you have to wonder what kind of condition he is in following being shot and wired with explosives. It does not sound as if any hostages were killed.

    Lee Shot by Police

  2. Hate speech and terrorism are the norm for liberals now? The Glenn Beck chalkboard had been doing its job, I suppose. 🙂 Please cite more evidence of actual attempted crimes, like those of Byron Williams who wanted to start a revolution by shooting up the Tides Foundatio, as well as Jerry Kane and Joseph Kane in Richmond. They, like this man, are on the fringe. Glenn Beck and the right-wing media have been spewing talk of revolution, blood in the streets, and all other sorts of nonsense since Obama took office. Its completely and utterly absurd, and rhetoric like that has a two-fold agenda….

    1st – it keeps conservatives from listening or talking to liberals. It makes them close their minds to the liberals before any ideas can even be exchanged. And vice versa.

    2ndly – It incites violence within its own ranks, and gives them an excuse for said violence. By making liberals out to be “the enemy” then the conservatives can feel justified in any violence they perform, or any violent rhetoric they spew. And vice versa.

    There has been no violent rhetoric coming from the white house, nor from any advisors, and if I’m wrong, please cite the evidence. You can tie them to anyone you like, and I’m sure Kevin Bacon comes in there somewhere too. Have you looked at the suspicious ties to the Bush administration? Which included members of the Bin Laden family? Can you imagine if Obama had those ties? (Google it).

    My point is, that we need to step away from all this talk of violence. We need to step away from the fear-mongers, both left and right. Check out the leftwing, they make you think the world is gonna end! Ha. Just as a ton of rightwing sites do the same.

    If we continue to separate ourselves and divide ourselves with the Us vs. Them, With us or against us mentality, then we’re never going to solve anything. Its not a fight against left and right in America, with one side having all the answers, and whoever gets the whitehouse gets control. It has to be the checks and balances that our forefathers intended.

    There is a lot of talk about the constitution right now, but we need to look at the intent of the checks/balances of our forefathers. They wanted leftwing politics to be balanced by rightwing politics, and vice versa. Because, no one side has all the answers.

    Obama doesnt have all the answers and neither did Bush. No party is infallible.

    The more we talk of violence, the less we’ll get done. The more we FEAR one another, the less we’ll get done. And the more the government and corproations will bend us over and screw us while we bicker amongst ourselves…

    We have to open our minds and hearts to one another and see that only by balancing our beliefs will we ever move forward.

    Saying that progressive liberals are violent and want blood does not help the cause. And vice versa.

    I don’t want to live in an America where I’m perceived as being a violent person simply cause I’m a right winger or a left winger. And I sure as heck don’t want people using guns to settle political differences…and all this fear is where its leading.

    Only thing we have to fear is fear itself, right?

    Your fellow American,

    p.s. Do you really think all the peace-protestors, vegetarians, gun haters, pot smokers and hippies are really violent? 😉

  3. The latest Gallup poll showed the GOP leads Democrats on every issue important to voters except the environment.

    After today’s exhibition of radical environmentalism, even that may be over for them. 🙂

  4. QCEx, like I said I wish this clown was an anomaly but considering how the Bill Ayers of the world have taken over the liberal movement – it just seems like another day at the office.

    [I don’t want to live in an America where I’m perceived as being a violent person simply cause I’m a right winger or a left winger.]

    Devin, I don’t have to say that the Progressive left of the various liberal factions have become violent because the events speak for themselves. And it is the Progressive faction in the Democrat Party that has become the voice of the liberal movements. Their Progressive Statist counterparts inside the Republican Party would love to do the same the same with Conservative movements. They just ain’t figured out a solution. And the extremest left Obama White House may talk the hope and change talk but the people he surrounded himself with spew violence and support for Socialists and Communists like Chavez and Chairman Mao – taint his White House and intentions otherwise. It was Obama’s attack dog Rham Emmanuel who created a death-list and stabbed their names in a mafia-like manner during a staff meeting while part of the Clinton administration. It was Obama who birthed his political career among the most corrupt political organization in Illinois – the Chicago Daley Machine. It is Obama that champions abortion on demand and partial birth abortion -where they literally destroy the brain of a living baby so they can say it was not born alive- with almost a million deaths a year. It was an Obama adviser caught on camera quoting Mao – that real political change comes at the end of a gun-barrel. It is Obama who has been politically linked to unrepentant Weathermen terrorists like Bill Ayers. Weathermen Andy Stern had Obamas ear and his Union Organization SEIU from the earliest parts of Obama’s career. It was his SEIU Goons that physically attacked Tea Party members. You immerse yourself in pond scum and you are going to get it all over you And it is not just Obama. Other ICONs of the Progressive left have done similar. It was Progressive Liberal Presidential Candidate John Kerry caught on tape joking with liberal ICON Bill Maher about assassinating George Bush. That was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Progressive hatred and death wishes against George Bush or anyone Conservative they disagree with. And Huffington Posts author Cusacks death to Fox News and Conservatives rant is very similar to the same hatred you see from liberal Hollywood ICONS and any large Internet gatherings of Progressive liberals. Nor am I talking about some small group of Liberals. The one site I mentioned -the Democratic Underground- boasts of membership that would rival most big cities and spends much of its content spewing hatred and violence against Conservatives and Christians. Many of them cannot even say the word Christian but have to use the slur Xtians. Yet I have not seen any real effort from so-called peace loving liberals to wrest control of the liberal movement from the violent spouting Progressives of the liberal factions. In fact it is the hate-spewing and violent factions of the liberal movements that control the political platforms and directions of all liberals. I can only assume the dead silence from the peace-loving factions say – hey these are my guys. Talking does not seem to have any effect so many of us have taken to shouting. But unlike the continuous level of hate-speech and numerous acts of violence from Progressives, real Conservatives have mostly limited their response to shouting. Which is strange considering how we are painted by the leftwing leadership as violent gun-wagging Nazis. (Another misnomer since the real Nazi’s were leftwing socialists.)

  5. The cusack comment was satirical. I don’t think you can use that as any evidence. 🙂 It was a joke cause he’d been asked about the mosque so much. He railed on Dems in a later tweet. But anyway, I see your point. I see where you are coming from. However, a lot of it gets completely blown out of proportion. (The same with the folks who thought Cheney was building the secret prisons for anyone deemed a terrorist in the US). Much of it is just conspiracy and lunacy. However, you are right about the blogging on some left-wing sites, its absurd to call for any violence in my opinion. These scare tactics are used by both sides and it frustrates the hell out of me, because instead of debating POLICY, we are debating PERSONALITY and PATRIOTISM. Its like school children, I swear.

    How can we Americans get anything done, if we are continually trying to label /blame one another, or ASSUME what the other’s positions are? For instance, I am a huge advocate for alternative energy. Once a person hears that, they assume I must be for all liberal causes. They also assume I’m “brainwashed” by the media. These ASSUMPTIONS keep us from debating policy, or figuring out solutions. We end up arguing about who gets better information and who is not drinking ‘kool-aid.’ and NOTHING gets solved. (I’m capitalizing instead of italics just for emphasis, not yelling.) These same assumptions keep us from talking to one another as American to American, and end up leading to violence and fear. Because if we can not relate to someone, or empathize with them, then violence becomes more acceptable.

    Look at that guy Byron Williams who wanted to go kill liberals. Just because they were liberals and he assumed they were evil. He probably would have had a good friendship with any of this targets, had he talked to them, rather than act upon assumption.

    So, my LONG WINDED point is, we can not classify one another like this anymore, and make assumptions, or else violence becomes acceptable.

    Politicians used to hang out together after debating the issues. But now, politics is personal. I hate that. Because it keeps anything from getting done.

    Like, I am against high taxes. I am also for gun rights. I think out of wedlock children-rearing is ruining our country. But, I also am an avid environmentalist.

    We don’t have to subscribe to all the beliefs of our party down the line, nor assume the other side does as well.

    Wouldn’t it be great, if the left could get some answers from the Republicans regarding taxes, and the right could get some answers from the Left regarding global warming?

    Problem is, all the politicians are influenced by the ones who pay their “tuition” to congress. Dems are influenced by Labor, Repubs by Oil, so we’re always going to have high taxes for infrastructure and pork projects and we’re never going to get environmental measures passed because of Big oil and their misinformation.

    If the Tea party would embrace global warming, I’d sign up in a minute, because they embrace libertarianism and individual rights 🙂

  6. Oh, I also think the anonymity of the internet doesn’t help. People can spew whatever bile they want without standing behind their comments — which adds fuel to the fire on left wing and right wing hate sites.

  7. I have gotten to the point that I have little respect for anything political that comes from the mouths of Hollywood celebrities. And what Cusack might consider as satire I see as little more than a Freudian Slip of another Hollywood elitist, the unreal people who quantify their personal value by living out other peoples lives, in fabricated stories that have been rewritten and twisted to satisfy Hollywood egos instead of a factual telling of the actual events. The only real emotion I could share with Cusack – is the fact that both of us have the same masochistic affection for the Keystone Cops of MLB known as the Chicago Cubs.

    When I first started interacting on the Internet I always assumed that rational people could talk out anything. But the older I get the more disproved that theory becomes when it involves politics. When it comes to politics, the old adage -the squeaky wheel gets the grease- is proved to be more fact than fiction.

    All the major parties consist of the mostly invisible ruling bodies and the highly visible puppets they place on stage. As far as actual political parties I am not a fan of any Party. I tend to favor more Republican candidates simply because the Democrat Party has made it impossible for Conservatives and Moderate-Conservative to play in their Democrat Party reindeer games. And though I admire the Tea Party Movement- unless it changes in to an actual Party, its only real value is to shake the Democrat and Republican Party out of their complacency.

    And as to anonymity – it is a two-edged sword. Yes it can be used to slice and dice. But anonymity can also be used to help protect your real life from the crazies of the world. It has become a survival tool in real life as well as on the Internet.

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