Posted by: thescoundrel | September 24, 2010

Congress Commits Employee Theft

The Big Joke was on US Taxpayers on Friday, as Stephen Colbert took his comedy routine to the US Capitol. During a time when the average Joe and Jane USAmerican citizen is struggling to put bread on the table – Team Pelosi elected to waste an expensive Congressional  hearing as a venue for Colbert to perform his comedy routine. Stupid is as Stupid does!  From the estimates I have heard, basically -we the taxpayers- just paid over $120,000 for a congressional hearing, so that Colbert could sharpen his political satire routine. Although I am not a regular watcher of the Colbert show – most of his routines I have viewed were very funny. It is also hardly a secret that Democrat and Republican legislators ineptness have made the  US Congress into a comedy club – posing as a legislative body. And though the performance evidently created a thrill up Nancy Pelosi’s leg, the US Congress is still not the right venue for a Colbert routine. The event was little more than employee theft by members of the Team Pelosi Congress. In the business world – people in charge would be fired for this flagrant waste of company resources.


  1. One good point, it got you back in the blogospere. Keyboard been busted or sumpthin?

  2. No. I have been sick and it will be awhile before I am back up to normal blogging mode.

  3. Good to see you posting again. Hope you get well soon.

  4. Thanks Cruiser.

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