Posted by: thescoundrel | September 28, 2010

The Mainstream Media Continues Its Hibernation

While mainstream media continues to avert their eyes to the voter fraud expedited by Obama Storm Troopers ACORN and SEIU  – More modern stream media sources continue to come across the dirty handiwork that helped Obama propel himself into the political limelight. The late Chicago Mayor Richard Daley Sr. and his son Richard Jr. – the current Mayor of Chicago, must be proud of that Obama has helped spread the Daley tombstone voting practices across the nation.

And the mainstream media continues snoring during its self-induced hibernation!!!
!!!!!Z  Z  Z  Z  Z  Z  Z  Z  Z  Z!!!!!


  1. Juicy quote from the link:

    “I find it almost stupefying to have discovered that some of my neighbors support the modern Democrat Party, seeing how it’s mostly funded by public sector union bosses, illegal immigration front groups, trial lawyers, and George Soros-style America-haters.”

    I’d say that basically covers what the Democrat Party is today and who it represents.

  2. It is kind of like the upcoming Million Moderate March planned. They are attempting to redefine the meaning of moderate. The march is sponsored by a huge amount of groups that are from from Moderate – including several Progressive Liberal groups, Socialist Groups, Communist Groups, SEIU, and numerous other groups with non-moderate political agendas.. I was considering a blog post but life is currently in the way.

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