Posted by: thescoundrel | September 29, 2010

Current Events and Wolves at Play in Politics

A few links to news worthy events, some you might only see buried by the Obama worshiping media in their classified sections:

Iranian President Ahmadinejad has secret meetings with Black Panthers and Farrahkan. Whats up with that?

Wowser, Current Events–>The Government purchases mobile x-rays to spy on vehicles! The FBI arresting war protesters! Mostly  sounds-of-Silence from leftwing groups and the mainstream media while all this is happening. Had this been happening under the Bush Presidency -instead of the current Obama Regime- Joe and Jane USAmerican would have been deafened by screeching leftwingers and blinded from a deluge of stories by an appalled  lamestream media.

Longtime Obama policy advisor and former head of SEIU, Andy Stern under FBI investigation.

Clips of Socialist cheer-leading by Obama allies.

Black Panther leader whom the Obama administration refused to prosecute for voter intimidation, continues his public racist crusade.

Democrat Strategist, Bob Beckel  televises his foot and mouth disease again!

The Obama stimulus package, almost-hard at work.

Progressive Liberalism hard at work – Teacher facebooks about her experience as a hooker.

And finally – wolves in sheep’s clothing –> Far Left Extremist Organizations of Wolves play  pretend and dress-up as Moderate Sheep!!


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