Posted by: thescoundrel | October 8, 2010

Does Obama See Dead People

It is claimed by some individuals that they can see ghosts. The Chicago Political Politburo has made tombstone voting a political marketing scheme. Now it seems that the under the leadership of  President Obama, whom birthed and nurtured his political career among the tombstone voting Chicago Politburo, the government sent out multi-millions in stimulus money to around 72,000 dead  people. That is like winning the Illinois lottery. I guess the main question is does Obama see dead people? Is he now busy paying off his debt to tombstone voters for past or future elections with porkulous money? And just what do dead people need cash for in the afterlife? Hey- inquiring minds wanna know!


  1. These are the same people who said it was OK to cut out $555B from Medicare and add it to Obamacare because they would be able to root out that much waste and fraud in Medicare.

    Ok. Sure. Whatever.

  2. QC Examiner please check out the facts. No one is cutting me out of Medicare.

  3. Never trust any politicians when they tell you they are doing something to fix the system especially when it involves government controls. All they are really saying is that they will create more bureaucracy so they can hire more family and friends to make your life more miserable.

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