Posted by: thescoundrel | October 13, 2010

No Nude Quad City Women on the Internet?

In this age of the Internet – Porn rules these Al Gore created hallow airwaves.  And while we smalltime Joe-&-Jane Average Bloggers are posting our non-porn ideas spurring debate among a handful of readers: Porn Kings are raking mega bucks by showing pictures of naked men and women to audiences of  millions seeking sexual perversions. So it came as a shock when as I was perusing the word searches that leads citizens of the blog world  to my blog site, that the words “local women nude in qc Il” had led someone to my blog. So I did a search using the words and found my story about discrimination against a topless bar maid (not even in the Quad City area) listed as the number six selection, for the phrase. Huh! I guess I can add that to the phrase “Muslim women losing their Virginity” that also seems to draw sex seekers on my blog on occasion. It does makes me wonder if this blog is now on the fast track to becoming the next mega Porn site, despite having no dirty pictures or erotica stories. Or is it that there is a general lack of interest to see naked women from the QC – that makes my blog post on discrimination, show up number six on the list for that phrase?  Or, maybe I am missing out on becoming the next Porn King millionaire by not operating a blog site consisting of pictures of naked Quad City women and erotica about Muslim women losing their virginity? Maybe I should  set up links to all the local strip clubs and adult entertainment businesses in the Quad City Illinois/Iowa region? Maybe I should just go out and do some research at all the local adult sites searching for naked Quad City women and judge current naked Quad City women for myself? In my pre-29+ year old years there seemed plenty of them out there in real life, not sure about them being on  this Al Gore Invention thingy at the time. So many questions so little personal interest being generated to explore those possibilities. Maybe the best idea is to just go fix some chili for supper and then create some more cheap renewable  natural energy resources. Now that sounds like a plan!


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