Posted by: thescoundrel | October 13, 2010

Victory Mandates

The DCCC and Democrat power players like James Carville are constantly sending me e-mail correspondence seeking political donations. They are always begging for cash as they paint a picture of how they need my money to support their latest crusade against their opponent – the “evil Republicans”.  In one, many months back, they were  whooping and gloating about how the Democrat Politburo had crippled the Republican Party – to the point where the Democrat Party would rule politics in the USA, for the next forty years. Carville even wrote a book expressing his bravado. Now just a few weeks before the 2010 elections the Democrat Party is sweating bullets wondering if they will  be able to keep the Republican Party from retaking one or both Houses of Congress. Locally, Democrat Congressman Philobluster Hare -here in the extremely gerrymandered to elect Democrats 17th District of Illinois- is sweating bullets and spinning farcical yarns about his Superhero abilities. Excepting possible voter fraud or someone doping the water to remove the sanity of the the 17th District of IL voters, we should be rid of Philobluster – following this coming election. Nothing could be sweeter than the end of the Lane Evans-Phil Hare nightmare on Illinois. Nationally and worse for the Democrat Party – George Soros and his deep pockets of cash said he was getting out of the way of – what he felt was as upcoming Republican election avalanche.  The reality is that no one knows for sure just what the makeup of the US Congress shall be come next session.  But the Republican Party -which seemed down and out a little over a year ago- now seems to have a  much brighter future on the horizon.

My personal thoughts have not changed about the direction of US politics, much over the last couple of years. The more I see of our current  two-party system – the more I see the need for a real and viable third political party option. The closest is the Libertarian Party and in reality it is mostly a nonentity. In every survey I take I always seem to test out straddling the lines between Conservative and Libertarian. And I tend to mostly agree with those evaluations.  I do not see either Major Party satisfying my complete voting  essentials. So in the current two-party system I am left with choosing between the lesser of two evils.  I do know – I do not like the Progressive Liberal/Socialists – that have taken over the control of the Democrat Party. They have run off any real Conservative  influence inside the Democrat Party and its platform. Which over the last several voting cycles has left me with choosing mostly Republicans -some like John McCain, I would normally be hesitant to vote for.

One thing I have been spouting since I came to the blogging world – is that no matter the actual final voting totals – the winner, even if by a single vote will, claim it is an overwhelming mandate for their political party. That has become the nature of the beast when it comes to  modern politics. Which,  like the Hopium that spurred Carville to predict forty years of Democrat Party Control, is mostly senseless political swaggering. In my opinion, that swagger makes both Political Parties drunken and usually oblivious to what they are being told by the voters.  Yet after either party claims their Victory Mandate – the public pays the price as the Damn the Torpedoes/Full Speed Ahead Statists inside each party, go power mad. The current low job ratings of Obama is part of that very cycle.

I do hope the Republicans take control of one or both Houses in the coming election. Not because I think they will effect real change.  But until the Democrat voters and Republican voters eradicate the Statists controlling their parties after gaining political control – the US needs the balance offered by neither party controlling both the Executive and Legislative branches of the USA government.


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