Posted by: thescoundrel | October 14, 2010

The View Rumbles with O’Reilly

And O’Reilly won the battle by TKO when the hosts cried No Mas – No Mas.

I am not all that familiar with Joy Behar.  The few times I have listened to her on those few times, when I watched the View – she left me as a  leftwing parrot, and excess baggage on an already mostly liberal filled talking show. On the other hand -though I tend to vehemently disagree with most of her liberal talking points- Whoopi  Goldberg has always impressed me as intelligent, articulate, tough in the clinches and funny. She makes a great talking head to bounce around philosophic banter between herself and Barbara Walters and Elizabeth Hasselbeck. So it surprised me when the talking got wild and woolly with Fox News talking head Bill O’Reilly on the View; Goldberg turned tail and left the stage following Joy Behar. It was not his first time on the show so she should have been aware he is also intelligent, articulate and very tough in the clinches when making his talking  point.

I only saw several clips, but the talk show turned into the verbal rumble when the O’Reilly interview turned to the building of the Mosque near Ground Zero of the 9-11 attacks by Muslim jihadists. Behar and Goldberg went all ballistic because O’Reilly kept calling the jihadists Muslims. Goldberg and Behar flew off the handle because O’Reilly kept referring to them as Muslims. Talk about losing their tempers over nothing! Once the quarrel started it was tough to understand the discussion. I like O’Reilly and he can be a verbal bully, he was absolutely correct in his talking points.  It was Muslims attacking the towers and most people do not want that mosque built near Ground Zero.  I had no expectations from Behar but I would have expected better decorum from Goldberg. I am not a Barbara Walters fan – but she was the one showstopper who kept her cool and still talked her points.

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Legally,  I have not heard any legal  reason someone could not build the Mosque near Ground Zero. Personally, I think it is in poor taste building the Mosque near Ground Zero, in this situation. Still I live in Illinois not NYC. So I have no horse in the race when it comes to whether or not they build a Mosque near Ground Zero. But I do live in the Quad City and just as I feel that I have a right to speak-out against Team Obama locating terrorist prisoners, in a prison within easy driving distance from where I live – I think the final determination about where that Mosque is built, near Ground Zero, should be left up to the people living in NYC, since they are the ones whom it will effect.


  1. no he was not right in his statement. it was muslim extremist, radical Islam that attacked the towers. The muslims who quietly practice their faith here in America were not.

    Remember, some of them lost loved ones too.

  2. He was correct in everything he said. He never claimed they were not extremists. He simply said they were Muslims. They attacked in the name of Islam. What O’Reilly said does not diminish any losses to Muslims who lost loved ones in the attack.

    To claim that the attackers were not Muslim would be like me claiming that it was wrong for the courts to quote some of my ancestors as evil people- just because they were criminals. There was several of my early ancestors- that shared my family name- that were very bad people. And they deserved every bit of infamous recognition that tarnished them, as well as our family name. They deserved every bit of punishment the law bestowed upon them. It also meant that the rest of my ancestors had to work that much harder to prove themselves worthy.

  3. Whoopi sometimes sounds reasonable (from the little I’ve heard), but she is one that stood up for Polanski, saying it was not “rape rape”.

    She also doubts we really went to the moon moon, and went on and on about that old conspiracy theory.

    She’s like too many other not so bright Americans, that get by on what big media or lefty nuts feed them. Then when logic doesn’t fit her programmed sensitivities (PC religion), she goes ballistic (since logic, for her, is not an option).

  4. It was hard to believe “anyone” -especially the hardcore feminist women on the View- could have defended Polanski. I only rarely agree with any politics Whoopi has to say. But on those few occasions I have listened to her, she normally argued her point coherently. Not so much this time. I don’t mind people going face-to-face when it comes to arguing points. It shows they have passion for their belief.

    [She also doubts we really went to the moon, and went on and on about that old conspiracy theory.]

    Yeah I had a normally reasonable grandma that went to her grave making the same crazy argument. It was a waste of time trying to convince her otherwise.

    The person I have a hard time believing anyone could take seriously is Bill Maher. The man is a waste of the effort it took his parents to reproduce him.

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