Posted by: thescoundrel | October 15, 2010

The Obama Bait and Switch

When Hillary Clinton fell out of favor with the puppet-masters that direct and produce the Democrat Party candidates during the 2008 elections, fortune fell with the footsteps of Barack Obama. The media has mostly worshiped him with blind devotion. Most still do despite his true nature of Chicago Style thuggish politics being exposed, including his constant machinations of subterfuge. His total disregard for the intelligence of voters is often displayed when his Big Government Socialism legislation turns out to be unpopular with the voting public.  The favorite mantra of Team Obama has become – “Evidently we just did not explain the program well enough. Once we explain it better, the public will like the legislation.”  That translates to–> “We need better spin, as our lies are not convincing enough the first time. The voters are  stupid enough that when we work on spinning our fairy tales, they will believe whatever we say.” As Obama progressive liberal cheerleader, Bill Maher, often states–> the people are too stupid to understand what is best for themselves and Obama just has to drag them along. So it should come as no surprise when Team Obama was just caught in another lie about the stimulus. I have to assume it is a lie because  everyone, especially the media, keeps telling us all about wonderfully intelligent Obama. It seems that Obama is now admitting that there were none of the  shovel ready jobs that Team Obama quoted over&over&over& over again when they were selling the idea of the need for a stimulus package. They just were not real items. In business that is called bait & switch – and is very illegal.  Instead the only visible  jobs have been boondoggle pork projects,  bribing consumers to purchase products, paybacks to secure nepotistic government positions that would have been cut, funding of unprofitable Global Warming Scare projects and overspending for lame attempts at creating market place labor. Team Obama has spent trillions of dollar to put the country back to work and has little to show for all out money spent except high unemployment. We didn’t even get a lousy T-Shirt that said this is what I got for a lifetime of government debt.



  1. I don’t think the left, especially Obama, Pelosi and the other congressional liberals had any intention of using the $878B for “shovel ready” projects or even to stimulate the economy or jobs.

    Here’s what the leftwing The Nation approvingly listed as what the “stimulus” accomplished for the left:

    “. . . contained far-reaching antipoverty, infrastructure, green jobs and conservation measures.”

    The “stimulus” was all about pouring money into all those pent-up leftwing programs and pet projects that had been dormant since, oh about 1994.

    Just as Obamacare was misrepresented to the public, so was the “stimulus”. Mission accomplished for “progressives”, for the rest of us—not so much.

  2. Now NYTimes columnist David Brooks is claiming that Obama told him there were no shovel ready jobs over a year ago. You still do not see much in the lamestream media running with the story. They are evidently still too busy worshiping at the Obama altar. Can you imagine the scream by media if this had been Bush caught-up in this outright lie.

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