Posted by: thescoundrel | October 30, 2010

Stewart – Colbert Rally an Event of Truthiness

Pop star comediennes Stewart and Colbert took their political comedy to the road. They created what was sold as an effort to restore sanity to American politics through comedy.  Stewart is usually funny using a  “Early SNL” and “Not Necessarily the News”  style of political comedy. I find Colbert more talented but he can have a vicious routine that quickly turns me off.   I understand the event was big, though to steal a term from Colbert – the events stated purpose rings of  “truthiness“.

First off,  it is hard to restore something – that has never been.  Politics has never been a fuzzy and warm, exchange except in the minds of those whom prefer to cloud their memory with fairy tales.  It has only gotten worse following the siege of the major political parties by  Progressive Statists; mostly comprised of ambulance-chasing  lawyers and career politicians trained in the arts of wealth-inducing job security over statesmanship.  Until the Democrats and Republicans purge their organizations of the Progressive Statists – expect no resemblance of sanity in politics.

And most importantly; it is hard to believe the leftwing leaning Stewart and Colbert had had any intention of trying to restore sanity in politics when one of the headliners was Muslim voice Cat Stevens whom publicly defended the death warrant issued on author Salman Rushdie by Extremist Muslim Terrorist Clerics.  A real Stupid is as Stupid does decision by Stewart-Colbert. That is a vintage Barack Obama characteristic being displayed by Stewart and Colbert. Obama has surrounded himself with radicals, extremists and even former domestic terrorists as advisers – while pretending do be a peacemaker and a moderate, instead of the Marxist wannabe he actually is. Now Stewart and Colbert claim they are looking for sanity in politics – yet bring on a radical that defends mafia style hits by Muslim Extremists. Interesting – hard to take them serious. But then they are part of the Hollyweird extremist community. Hollyweird an organization of plastic people that live out their lives, pretending to be the real people they are incapable of being, and  not a group I normally find laudable when offering advice on life.

Was the event good comedy? Probably. Was it a meaningful liberal political statement? Maybe. Will it be great money-grubbing advertising  gimmick for Stewart and Colbert?  Definitely. But -Restoring Sanity- in politics, um… not so much! Just a couple of funny boys using “truthiness” to grab a little more ego-filling attention.



  1. I didn’t watch any of this, but I thought it was hilarious that a bunch of white, urban young hipsters brought out such fossilized music acts as Sheryl Crow, Ozzy Osbourne and Cat Stevens!

    Whoever organized the entertainment portion of the show was obviously smoking some vintage ’70s Hopium! 🙂

  2. I think the Don Surber comment pretty much sums ups the “truthiness” behind the Stewart Rally:

    Makes no sense. A rally to mock Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell and anyone else who disagrees with Jon Stewart is somehow about bringing people together?

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