Posted by: thescoundrel | November 12, 2010

More Government Gone Wild

Under the leadership of Progressives/Statists -entrenched within the Democrat and Republican Parties- US City, State and Federal politicians are busy bringing Orwell’s Big Brother to life, via Big Government Nanny-State Legislation. Their minions are always busy looking for ways to intrude into your personal life. In a recent case of Big Government Gone Wild – Nanny-State Employees seized a newborn child after the mom turned up positive for drugs on a routine hospital test. The drugs the Mom consumed that caused the Big Government minions to  steal the newborn baby- Poppy seeds from a Dunkin’ Donut bagel. 🙄  This nonsense is just a foreshadow of the Nanny State foolishness we are bound to be exposed to as Progressive legislators  try and play “Government Knows Best” with their Nanny-State legislative decrees.

Nancy Pelosi loudly proclaimed that Americans would not know what Obamacare would develop into, until after the Big Government Congress had passed the legislation. Now that Big Brother has created the Frankenstein known as Obamacare we can expect more personal intrusions – similar to the Mom whose baby was stolen by the Statist government officials. Under the guidance of Progressive Nanny State legislators we can expect them to take the 2000 pages of mostly unread blathering legislation and create further intrusions into the personal lives of US Citizens. It is what they do- Big Brother feels they always know best when it comes to telling us how to live.

Big Government Gone Wild – Just say no to drugs 😯  –>

The American Flag.


Fast Food.


Alcoholic Energy Drinks




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  2. Big government has some incompetent egomaniacs, as well as some ties to lawyers or facilities that stand to profit. The elderly are also quite often abused by the process.

    Looks like the Tea party has many battles ahead against too many laws, too many lawyers, and too much government.

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  4. Before Obama was elected he was crowing about him being the great peacemaker that would rid Washington of sewer politics. I stated at the time – even if he was the conciliator of his rhetoric- he would lack the power to change Washington DC politics. As it turned out I was correct when I stated Obama was not a peacemaker but just another Chicago politician steeped in mafia thuggery.

    The Tea Party candidates – even if they are pure of heart- will face any similar challenges that real maverick POTUS would have faced. The political corruption in DC is inbred very deep. It will corrupt some others it will work to bury. And any pure of heart candidate will not find much comforting when the vipers bite them. Will they make a difference -probably. Will they make a lasting effect on cleaning up DC? Not unless they are put in in greater numbers. Corruption eats away slowly and seeks out the unadulterated in order to rot the roots and destroy the health.

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