Posted by: thescoundrel | November 13, 2010

Top Senate Democrats Claim Obama Clueless

A MSNBC media source has leaked that Top Democrat Senate members are whispering that President Obama is clueless. OOPS! 😳 Clueless? Maybe, maybe not. I prefer to think of him as – what my dad would call – an educated idiot. He has been trained in all the proper tools – he just prefers to use a lead pipe as that is the training that he understands and embraces. Basically, the man has an exalted pedigree, but he governs like a mafia thug. I use to compare Obama to the useless as teats on a boar US President-  Jimmy Carter. I now tend to believe he is more like Richard Nixon. Like Nixon, Obama spouts Machiavellian rhetoric.  His legislative accomplishments as President are all tainted with Machiavellian tactics where he rams through his statist legislative agenda through Congress by whatever bully tactics are necessary.  And then Obama defends his Marxist wannabe legislative agenda as he uses a Nixon-like defense – always suggesting  that the ends justifies the means! But then lead pipe governing is what Big Brother Marxism is all about.


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