Posted by: thescoundrel | November 16, 2010

Media Malpractice?

CNN  😉 “Conservative” 😉  Reporter Admits to character assassination and cruel treatment of Sarah Palin during 2008 elections. –>

….he did get (Kathleen) Parker to brag about her leadership in the character assassination of Palin….

Then revises story–>

After asserting that she “led” the charge against Sarah Palin in 2008 the day before, Kathleen Parker revisited her comments and the greater media bias against Palin last night, adding a few revisions. For one, she didn’t really lead the charge against Palin– “the liberal media” did– and did treat Palin, in some instances, “cruelly, and partly because she’s a woman.”

More on the story at this link : The Story Behind Kathleen Parker Boast



  1. I felt like Palin got a raw deal during the election. It might be a good thing though if the Dems and driveby media see her as that big a threat to resort to the character assassination they tried on her.

  2. The sad part is the left-wing driven media continues to throw punches at her. The good part is – if she does run she should be well-experienced at dealing with the media hatred by 2012. The bad part is – and the leftists realize this, which is why they continue personally attacking her- it discourages other potential maverick candidates from stepping up to the plate. Most people I know are unwilling to put up with such attacks at their families and self.
    If I had been in her shoes the media would have had plenty to write about after I punched out some of their attack dogs following some very personal attacks on her family.

    Another attack one Palin by the media.

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