Posted by: thescoundrel | December 27, 2010

The Obama Death Panel Strategy Continues

The Obama/Progressive movement of Baby Steps towards Big Brother Socialismunder the guise of healthcare reform- continues. In a ghoulish move many have predicted -despite being rejected in the final draft of Obamacare,  the Obama White House will soon pay doctors financial rewards to market end of life options to elderly and infirm patients. Obama continues his baby steps towards his much denied death panel strategy.


  1. We can expect more of this over the next two years. Since Obama couldn’t get all his leftwing agenda rammed through congress even with massive Democrat majorities, he will now use his presidential powers to enact the more odious of is policies.

    Card Check was a miserable failure—everyone hated it except the Big Labor bosses who spent monster amounts of $$$$ to get him and the likes of Phil Hare elected. So now Obama is pushing unions into places they haven’t been by presidential fiat.

    Hardcore ideologues like Obama/Pelosi/Hare don’t care if they wreck the economy or kill jobs as long as their preferred ideology is enacted.

    This maniac MUST be stopped and his power checked.

  2. Yeah I expect more of the same when it comes to the Obama Socialism creep.

  3. This “death panel” talk is fear-mongering at its worst. The patient remains in control of the process, and the idea that this is prequel to euthanasia is absurd. Multiple studies have shown that advanced care planning IMPROVES patient autonomy and quality of life, and this rule allows doctors to discuss the issue with patients and their families BEFORE they become incapacitated and unable to make decisions for themselves.

    If a Republican had come up with this idea you’d be singing its praises as a step forward for patient autonomy. Take off your ODS-tinted glasses and look into this issue with an open mind. Advanced care planning is a wonderful tool to ease the stress on families during one of the most difficult times that we ALL will face – the end of our lives.

  4. [This “death panel” talk is fear-mongering at its worst.]

    You just keep telling and fooling yourself about that Matthew. I have said from the very start of Obamacare – the whole process is about government usurping the power to decide who lives and who dies. The death panel is one baby step in the process. It will not matter whether the Democrats or Republicans are in power – the baby killing progressives in both parties will use Obamacare to take control of peoples personal lives. It is how nanny-state big government has always worked. They get their feet in the door and then start nudging their way into each citizens personal life. And with Marxist wannabe Obama at the helm they have been goose stepping instead of baby-stepping as often as possible.

    [and this rule allows doctors to discuss the issue with patients and their families BEFORE they become incapacitated and unable to make decisions for themselves.]

    You already have that power. I talk to my doctor about everything under the sun when I am in his office. That is why there are such things as living wills. During the election process we even talk about his Democrat campaign signs he had posts in our yards. There is no need for the government to be involved in any part of the decision – period! All Obama is doing is creating a method where the government can eventually force doctors to market death care instead of health care when the treatment costs get expensive. And if they don’t meet their quota of death care they will face government exclusions when they file for Medicare and Medicaid patient payments.

  5. We already have death panels, Scoundrel – for-profit insurance companies. Their executives institute policies solely for the sake of their bottom line, stock price & seven or eight figure compensation packages. They arbitrarily deny claims for life-sustaining care. They deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. They impose maximums on coverage that force thousands into bankruptcy just so they can maintain care of their loved ones. They deliberately put complete incompetents on the front lines of their bloated & wasteful bureaucracies just so physicians, clinics, hospitals & policy holders throw in the towel rather than face their complete idiocy. The end result is that life-sustaining care is needlessly delayed & denied. THAT is a death panel if I ever heard of one, and our current healthcare system is ruled by them.

  6. [We already have death panels, Scoundrel – for-profit insurance companies.]

    That is not saying anything I have not previously mentioned. In fact we do have “Death Panels”. Private Insurance has their version and Medicare has their version. I fought with both over seeking treatment for an ill family member in 2003. Obamatons are just seeking to make them more ghoulish by paying doctors to market death care instead of health care for the gravely ill and unwanted of society. How very George Bernard Shaw of them.

    As the government seeks more socialistic control over the power to determine who lives and dies under Obamacare – it will become an even tougher fight to seek treatment. The government will piss away any money they can steal from the programs to pay for pork projects leaving the socialized insurance programs destitute and strapped for money. See Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Once the money has been taken – the Government will use their death panels to restrict healthcare for expensive treatments in order to balance their cash shortages. It does not matter whether the Democrats or Republicans are in charge – it is simply both of their ways to steal money from Citizen Peter to pay for Big Governments Paul’s nepotistic pork projects.

    My calls against Obamacare have stated over and over again that while we do badly need health care reform; the Obama legislation is nothing more than a way for Government to get their foot in the door to create Socialized medicine. And it is no big secret that the Marxist wannabes like Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have long been chomping at the bit to have government take over the Health care industry. Obama and his advisors have been caught on tape saying so. Obamacare is simply the tool they are attempting to use to jimmy the lock on the money door so they can screw up everybody’s Insurance like they have Medicare and Medicaid. Its all about Big Government getting their hands on the extra cash and playing God as they get to determine who lives and who dies.

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