Posted by: thescoundrel | January 12, 2011

The Wolf is at the Door – We gotta Raise Taxes – NOW

According to an AP article by Deanna Bellandi, the Illinois House has passed legislation that will raise taxes by 66% in an effort to lessen a current debt burden that is expected to reach 15 billion dollars this year. This is probably of no real shock to any of us living in Illinois. The laughter is legislators are promising the tax is supposed to be mostly a temporary deal. Now if anyone really believes that I have a a great deal for you on an 1890 silver dollar – that I will let you have for say half a billion dollars. I will even throw in a stack of dud Mega Millions tickets that came up snake eyes.

Ahhh Yes, the Illinois Lottery that idea marketed to Illinoisans, which was going to upgrade and make our State Schools some of the best in the nation! Yeah, that worked just like they planned. The Illinois Legislators toss the money into the general fund and then play their favorite game of Spend-Spend-Spend mostly on personal pork projects. And  the citizens of the State are paying the price. The schools are still begging for money. The State has such a backlog on debt some medical groups are refusing Medicaid patients. Some corporations are refusing delivery of needed goods to operate the State. I have even read where some of our legislators are having trouble paying their rent. And we are going to solve all our woes with a huge tax increase. Right!!! 🙄 Of course we can’t use many of the possible cost saving cuts since Marshall Dillon err. Pat Quinn has been busy making special deals with his political support groups to protect them from any real damage the rest of the State and its citizens will suffer through.
Of course the tax increase solution assumes that businesses will not continue to flee the state as Marshall Dillon err. Pat Quinn and his sidekick Festus, err. Sheila Simon (sorry I keep confusing the two couples) lead the charge to increase corporation taxes and fees on Illinois business. It also assumes that Illinois residents will not flee the State to greener pastures that do not oppress voters with high taxes. And it also assumes that our Legislators will not just toss the money in the general funds spend it on legislative pork projects, while driving the State deeper into debt. It also does not take it into account just how many more special deals, like those already made, Marshall Dillion err. that Quinn will have to make for groups that he owes political favors.

Let’s see 15 billion dollars in debt. Yup I am betting that these tax increases will be temporary. (I am guessing I could come at lot closer winning that bet than I do at playing Mega Millions.) They will last only until Quinn and the Legislators decide to up the ante because they still will not have paid off the  debt. But rest assured, worry not – for all their friends and family will be protected and  taken care of! Nepotism rules you know, as that is the way of Illinois politics!

Some Quotes from the article–>

  • Quinn’s office called the approved measure “strong action” that will strengthen the budget and actually help the state economy.
  • Republicans accused Democrats of doing irreparable harm to Illinois families and businesses.
  • “Based on this particular legislation the only businesses that will benefit are the moving companies that will be helping many of my members move out of this particular state,” said Gregory Baise, head of the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association.
  • “This is the nuclear bomb of jobs bills,” said Sen. Dan Duffy, R-Lake Barrington.
  • The wolf is at the door, ladies and gentleman,” said Rep. Greg Harris, D-Chicago. 🙄

(My personal favorite. And had I been there I would have asked Rep. Harris in return – Why did you let the wolf get near the door in the first place!)



  1. The vast unintended consequences of this abomination are not completely known, although I think we can be assured that this will NOT help the state’s economy.

    Unfortunately, Greg Baise is only partially correct—the only people who will be able to move out of Illinois are renters. With the housing market in the tank, I fear those of us who own homes will be stuck here for some time to come.

  2. The sad part is the Illinois Governors and legislature has abused the system to the point where it is probably impossible to not raise the taxes. And the voters still walk into the voting booth and put the same group of losers back into power.

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